Ridin' Shotgun

As I've been working on my Fading Cables Pullover, I've kept looking for ways to speed this project along. You see, here in Seattle fall has arrived, earlier than usual and this has put me in a sweater sort of mood. So I've been knitting a couple of hours each evening and as much as I can squeeze into my days.

That's where riding shotgun has come in. The back and front pieces and especially the cabled portions are not the sort of things I usually call "take-along knitting." But to keep this project rolling right along, I've been knitting it in tandem by bringing along the ribbing pieces and they've been riding shotgun with for the last few weeks.

Once I got the ribbing for the front finished and had moved on to larger needles, I immediately used the smaller needles to cast on the back ribbing. This became my take along project. Riding in the car to be picked up when I have to wait in line at carpool, at something for one of the kids, or just those moments when you can grab a few rows between errands.

So about the time I got the front done, lo and behold, the back ribbing was done. And after moving into the stockinette for the back, I immediately cast on the collar ribbing, which is --happily--knit separately and therefore portable.

Gotta ask: Do you carry knitting with your everywhere?



I work from home, so my knitting is nearly always close at hand - even so the most I might knit during daylight hours is a row or two during my lunch break when time allows. I've tried taking knitting on short trips, but seldom get any work done. So the risk of dropping stitches or misplacing my work seems too high when I'd only accomplish a row or two. But I love your idea about starting the ribbing ahead of time. I'll soon be starting something I might be able to try that with, only I'd do the ribbing when I need a break from something more complicated.

Your cable work is gorgeous. And yes, I take something to knit everywhere I go. Different projects for different venues.

I take projects with me everywhere!! They are great for the doctors office or if I show up somewhere early! :)

I never take a bag that isn't big enough for at least a little sock project. You never know when you're going to need some emergency knitting!