rhododendron red

Project – Rib Stitch Vest
Patons Pattern Book #500880 Anti Freeze
Yarn – Classic Wool Roving in 77709 Cherry
Blogger – terriknitspatons

Hi all!  I am a new member of the Patons’ blogging team.  I am a long time knitter whose favorites are socks and lace.  With the help of Patons , I plan to branch out in to many more areas and may even try my hand at learning crochet. (!)

My first project is something entirely different from anything else I have ever knit.  It starts out like this.

Nothing like a big pile of red yarn to get a girl excited.  This is a new yarn from Patons that is actually roving.  If you have ever seen pencil roving meant for spinning, this is similar.  It has a bit of twist to keep it from falling apart.  Even a nice strong tug to tighten up a stitch will not break the yarn.

My project is the Rib Stitch Vest from the Anti Freeze booklet.  First things first.  The swatch.

I almost got gauge with the swatch.  I could loosen up my knitting a bit and be just fine, but history has taught me that I knit a swatch looser than I knit the actual garment.  I went up a needle size and am now spot on.

Oldest Daughter has renamed the color Rhododendron Red.  I think she is on to something.

The vest begins at the bottom band and is not your basic k1,p1 rib.  The detail is great.

So soft and plump.

My goal is to knit two balls a week and be able to wear this vest on July 4th.  Yes, I live in a place where the wearing of wool is a year round thing.  The first two balls became a good portion of the front.

I will join ball #3 in the morning.



Welcome to our tight-knit (pun fully intended) group of bloggers, Terri! Love the color - especially seeing it against the rhododendron. I want to try the roving, too, so I'll be really interested in reading your experiences with it. Of course, you do realize I have no choice but to dub you Red Rover. (Based on my current project, I'd be Wasabi Cotton, but it just doesn't have the same ring.) Can't wait to see your finished vest!

If we are going by project color, than I am green with envy. :)

Thank you! The roving is great. I will take it to the wheel once the knitting is finished. The Anti-Freeze booklet has a pttern for a Cabled Cape that my 16 year old REALLY wants.

Welcome to the gang! There are so many fun patterns and I love that red! A perfect color for the Fourth.

Welcome! I'm SOoooooo curious where you live where wool is a year round thing. Love to visit this August...

knittinjen- I am just north of Seattle, a few blocks from the water. Even a nice summer day (we sometimes have 3 in a row) comes to an end with a bracing breeze coming off the water. As soon as the sun moves to west, it is time to grab a shawl.

Terri, OMG, we are neighbors. I am south of Seattle, same set up, two blocks up off the Sound. Too funny! And yes, I wear wool year round.

Love the bright red - great first post!

Love the pattern AND that yarn AND the colour. Can't wait to see the F.O.! I second the motion to reveal your general location. Even here in Canada and wouldn't dream of wearing a chunky wool vest in July!

Maybe it's just me, but I hear about a nice yarn like that and instantly think "felt"! Not that I'm wishing this on you, but if the sweater turns out too big, you know what to do :-) It looks beautiful so far!

You are right, this yarn will felt like a dream. I will be washing this one very gently in the sink.