Remember me?

Project – Feather & Fan Socks
Pattern Book #500869 – Socks in the City
Yarn – Kroy Socks FX in Cameo Colors #57410
Blogger – knittinjen

These had been languishing in the bottom of my tote bag. I would knit a row now and again but I finally got down to business and finished them off. They’re not perfect and yet I couldn’t be more pleased.

Don’t be thinking that the pattern was the reason why it took me a while (purposely being non-specific on how long – so get off my back). It was all me and this little disease called “startitis.” Further, it wasn't the yarn either. It is great, it wears great, it isn’t splitty and it won’t break the bank.

The Feather & Fan pattern was slightly more challenging than plain stockinette but still basic enough for someone who can knit, purl and work in-the-round. It was just enough to not be really bored.

Who cares how long it took? And don't ask 'cause I ain't tellin'. I like these socks and I think they’ll be a gift I can check off my list!



I'll tell! I will! I know how long they took! Ask me! And even if they took, er a bit more time, they are lovely. Congrats on finishing them.

I love the way the yarn striped. Does the lace pattern show when the socks are being worn?

Yep it does. It's hard to get good pictures of my socks. Our 8-year-olds just don't get the concept that you have to hold the camera STILL while shooting...