Refreshing Pause

I'd hoped to have the left front panel finished by now, but I needed to set my knitting aside for two evenings. One night I knocked out a cute lace scarf (crochet) for a birthday gift, and the next night was the birthday party.

I don't like pausing mid-project, since I feel as if I'm losing momentum, but some good came out of it: I couldn't wait to get back to knitting! With my renewed energy I should be done with this panel and on to the right front of the coat soon.

The cables are a lot of fun to do, and stand out much more in person. I've tried several settings and taking photos at different times of day, but my camera tends to wash out the Rich Teal color, making it look more like a light blue-gray than gorgeous deep teal. The perspective of this photo also makes the cables look wider at the bottom, but they are uniform width top-to-bottom.

These details made me wonder: How do you decide when, where and how to photograph your knitting projects?



I like to photograph outside in natural light. However, if that is not a possiblilty, I use a white sheet as a background, LOTS of light and no flash. I have also heard that using a photo box is a good way to go too. One of these days I will get around to making myself one.

A bit wet & snowy outside. I took this photo in a room with three side-by-side windows, so there was a lot of afternoon sunlight. I don't know if I can even disable the flash on my camera - every setting seems to use the flash. Maybe I need to try the setting for outdoor sun & snow photos?

Oh - Your coat is looking FAB!

Definitely lots of sunlight and no flash. You can bump up the ISO setting for low light situations, but this will make the photo grainy the higher you go. I learned a lot from the photography section of, and then read through my camera's manual to see what I could accomplish with my point-and-shoot (since the fund for a Digital SLR is nowhere near being full, sadly).

The only settings my camera has are designated by little icons: party hat/confetti; figure under the sun; portrait; figure under star; mountain; snowman; and something that is two lines with a semi-circle and some dots on top. I've tried all of those at one point or another. I also re-set the brightness, a few months ago. It was way too high and everything was washed out. When I finish, I might ask a neighbor to take a photo of it. Their family owns a camera store, so most of them are great photographers.