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So my vest is just about done.  Hurray!  It may not appear as if much time has elapsed, but for me this project dragged on way too long (didn't help that I wasn't feeling well AND lost my knittin' mojo).  I've gotta tidy up all those loose ends.  Shouldn't take long, right (famous last words, LOL)?  And I'm still working on the belt, but at least that's two-thirds complete (it's portable so I can work on it at lunch or waiting at doc's office).

So, what do you think of the vest?  Still love the colour combo (matches quite a few of my tops).  I just wish I had made it a wee bit longer--maybe by about 2 inches--to cover my wide hips.  Overall, a wearable item.

With my vest near completion, I've decided on my next project: a blanket.  What?  You can't believe it 'cuz my crochet-along mystery blanket is still only half assembled (even though I managed to complete all the squares)?  But this new blanket is different.  First off, there'll be no seaming (only the weaving in of ends) and the size will be much smaller and manageable.

Besides, check out my colours: aren't they bright, cheerful and oh-so-right for spring?

More important, this blanket is gonna be a charity item for the Project Linus blanket drive.  Have you checked out the Bernatcares website?  There are a few blanket patterns to choose from.  There are even forums and video tutorials (love the videos!!).  So with all those good things going for it, I better get started on my blankie.

DinaPurls :)


Your vest is coming along very well! I'm sure you will be pleased when it is complete. :)

I've completed 3 blankets using Cotton Tots and the Pinwheel pattern for the BernatCare project. I've got the 4th one almost done, the Parquet pattern... can you tell I like the first 3 better? I just posted my pics at Have a great day!!