Ready Set Felt

Project – Moccasins for Him
Patons Pattern Book #500871 – Family Felting
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Royal
Blogger – YoElizbo

The Moccasins for Him from Family Felting are so flippin' easy and fast to knit, it defies gift giving deadlines. Honestly? I knit a pair in four evenings--and that was just ordinary evening knitting, no marathons, no staying up late, just my usual hour or so of knitting before bed.

Once I cast on, I had the first one done in no time, and then before I knew it, the second one ready to be sewn up. These do require a little bit of sewing--but nothing to get to frantic about, because remember, you are felting these, so everything will even out in the wash/felting.  I used the clippy stitch markers to put the top in place and then quickly sewed it together.

Like I said, ready:



OMG! What is that? Another pair of slippers. Okay, confession time. I so fell in love with the Moccasins for Him that I had to make the Slippers for Her. Or rather slippers for me. And here is the very cool part, while the booklet says the Moccasins will take two skeins, I got mine out of one, and so there I was, with one orphan skein. It looked so lonely that I  quickly did up a pair of slippers for me, and used some leftover Patons Classic Wool in Leaf Green from the Felted Posy Bag for the accent color.

Too cute, don't you think? These are the sort of fast fun knits that I call popcorn knitting. You can't just knit one pair. I mean, who wants to waste all that felting water with just one pair of slippers? Just doing my part . . .

And while I'm going on and on about these, I want to just call dibs on every single pattern/project in both these books, Family Felting and Next Steps Four: Socks and Slippers. I paged through these  saying to myself, "Oh, I have to knit that. Oh, and that. And THAT. And. . . " Basically, I want to knit them all. So to my fellow Patons bloggers, dibs. Everyone else, you are welcome to join me.



Not so fast, Missy (other than the super-fast knitting)! I've already claimed one of projects from that very same pattern book. [insert evil laughter here.] I also had two of them on my wish list, and learned another one among us had already claimed one of those...looks as if felting is the big sumer trend around here. And why not? It's quick, often done in pieces, and any mistakes tend to come out in the wash. (Not that any of us ever make mistakes.)

Hey now ladies...There's enough projects to go around (said by the one who's claimed a certain project from said Family Felting book...muwaaah). Felting is fun and I ditto k1paula2's comment that mistakes come out in the wash. Gotta love that! (not that I ever make mistakes).

OK, I will let y'all have the felting projects. But socks? Totally not rolling over on the socks.

Yeah, I heard that knittinjen snuck in there and snagged the felted tote. I've already called her a wench privately, but now I see I need to extend my general "MINE" to the rest of you. Hello, these are mine. Mine. So K1Paula2, what have you pulled from my tightly held grasp???? But bwahahahha I got the slippers! Which I will show off next week and go on and on how much I love them. So if you have some leftover Classic Wool, pull it from the stash and knit those slippers! As for the socks? Over my cold, dead dpns.... Who knew our blog would turn into the knitting version of WWF Smack Down?

You'll have to wait to find out what my ultra-cool felting project is. Frankly, I'm surprised you and knittnjen didn't snap it up before I did! Instead of WWF, we're SSK - Smack! Slap! Knit!