Racing Down the Foot

Project – Basic Fine Sock
Patons Pattern Book #500861 – Next Steps Four – Socks and Slippers
Yarn – Patons Kroy Socks in Sailor Stripes
Blogger – YoElizbo

I've got both feet down to the toe decreases and am surprised at how fast it went.

What I love about this yarn is sort of guessing what color is next, as I am knitting from the center of the skein, so every time I give it a tug to get more yarn, another color pops out. Knittinjen asked me in an email if the colors were dark or pastel, because you can't always tell by the photos--and I would have to call this colorway a bright pastel. But truly, I might say a better description is "royal." Real true, royal colors. If that makes sense.

I know one thing: My toes can't wait!



Hello! I was looking tonight to see if you guys had any new colors for my favorite yarn and I realised that you have a blog! Great! I have a tutorial for a crocheted baby blanket using your yarn on my blog. You can see it here.... xo, Samantha

Welcome to the blog! We always love new ideas. 'cept when Knittenjen steals them from me. :)

Just remember: It is a matter of opinion whether I stole anything...there have been no official charges brought against me. This is still an alleged claim. :-)