Quick Hat-FO

Project – Striped Band Hat
Pattern Book – Luxury Knits #500873
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool

When I said in my last post this would be a quick hat, I wasn't joking. This is a very quick hat pattern--and completely perfect for using up those partial skeins of Patons Classic Wool. I love it when I can put that leftover skein or little dab of yarn to work and come up with something as cute as this hat.

Coming up with the colors for the garter stitch band was fun, then by the time you are done with that, you knit up a few more inches and then do the decreases and voila, you have a hat:

Now for the mods. In the pattern, this hat is knit flat. I can see why they did that, considering the garter stitch band, but then you will have to seam up the back, which I don't like having a seam in a hat--I always worry about shoving it on with the seam in the front, nor do I like the bulk of a seam, so I always knit my hats in the round. When you convert a hat to being knit in the round, you have to remember to take out the two seam stitches when you cast on, or the hat will be two stitches bigger than it should be.

One other note, well two others, but first things first: the stitch count in the decreases as written in the pattern is not correct. The hat does rounds of double decreases, but the stitch count goes down by single decreases. If that makes no sense, it will when you knit the hat. And if you do, just ignore that stitch count between the decreases as written and knit the stitches available, decrease where you should decrease and the hat will come out just fine. Trust me.

And the other note? This hat will have you digging into the leftover bag and coming up with your own color combinations and garter striping for an endless selection of hats. Potato chip knitting at its thrifty best. See:

I couldn't resist knitting up another one. And the biggest endorsement: when this hat came off the needles, it was immediately claimed by the husband.

So there it is, a hat pattern to join the pantheon of quick, easy gift knitting, or even better, charity knitting. Besides, who amongst us doesn't have enough leftover Paton's Classic Wool to knit one?

What do you do with your leftovers?

- YoElizbo


Good lookin' hats! I do the same with my leftovers...hats, but I also use leftovers for kids' mittens and actually for baby sweaters too because they use a small total amount of yarn - when you add in odds and ends to make stripes you feel like you've been Super Smart Economical Woman! (SSEW) It's great.

SO cute. You will find me digging through leftover Classic Wool balls later in the day.