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Project – Lightly Laced Pillow (knit)
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Décor in Oceanside, Aran
Blogger – K1Paula2

After two massive projects (the Cable Car Coat and the Goes Green Twinset), I decided it was time for something a little less complicated. So my new project is the Lightly Laced Pillow, one of Patons' free patterns.

Patons Decor - Lightly Laced Pillow (free)

I liked the nautical look, but instead of using Blue and Aran I went with Patons Decor in Oceanside and Aran.

I've only been at it a few days and I'm already past the halfway point:

A really interesting thing about this pattern is the construction. It's one long piece that's folded and joined with laces made of twisted yarn. The laced edges are the only parts that aren't straight stockinette, but even those are simple: you do a few rows, then knit an "eyelet" row by creating one space [yfwd, K2tog] every so many stitches. That stitch combination creates the space without reducing your number of stitches.

Then you knit in a fold line, repeat the eyelets, and continue with stockinette until it's time to do the other eyelets. When you assemble the pillow, the main color laced section will be a double thickness.

Don't you just love the instant gratification of a quick and easy project?



Love this project!!! How cute is that pillow.

I have never seen this on the website. It's funny what others will draw us into. I like. And I bet you appreciate the simplicity I know I would!!

Knittinjen, if you have leftover yarn from your afghan, you should make a (color) coordinating pillow! You don't have to stick with the patterns stripes, or make it rectangular. This could be a great stash-buster.

This looks lovely and it is flying along! Best of all: you don't have to worry about the fit :)

It would be cute in almost any color combinations, too, YoElizbo. And you're right, Julie - the only thing you have to worry about it fitting is the pillow form, and if you can't find one the right size, they're easy to make.