Quick & Cozy

Project – Giant Stitch Hat and Scarf
Patons book # 500880
Anti Freeze
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool Roving in #77605 Pumpkin
Blogger – K1Paula2

To anyone looking for a quick and stylish gift to make, I suggest the Giant Stitch Hat and Scarf:

Not only is the giant stitch pattern dramatic, it works up fast. The hat took less than one evening, and the 72-inch scarf took about two evenings worth of knitting. While the giant stitches are the attention getters, even the reverse side is kind of neat:

I can only think of two tips for anyone making this cozy set:

  • 1) Make the hat first so you can keep knitting the scarf without worrying about reserving enough yarn to complete the hat.
  • 2) Start the hat on 16" circulars (size US 15) instead of the DPNs suggested, then switch to the DPNs after several decreases. My first attempt on the hat was with DPNs and the needles were so crowded with the thick, double-stranded stitches that I kept dropping stitches. It took forever to get through one round. I ripped it out, started over on the circulars and a couple hours later I was done.

The amazing part? Despite the thickness of the finished products, they're remarkably lightweight. They're so cute it almost makes me want the cold weather to arrive!
Well, I wouldn't mind the cold weather if I planned to keep them. They're really a belated birthday present for my sister (SURPRISE!).

Okay, maybe she's not surprised: 1) The roving arrived on her birthday and I taunted her, "Hah! I got a present on your birthday!" 2) Orange is her favorite color. 3) She knows the pretty pumpkin just won't work with my bright red winter coat.

Happy belated birthday, Lisa!


Isn't that a wonderful set! Love it! And I am sure your sister will love it as well.