Putting the Pieces Together

Project – Cold Snap Vest
Bernat Fall eBook featuring Bernat Roving
Blogger – DinaPurls

Finally got 'round to pinning and seaming the shoulders.   I used mattress stitch for the cast-off edges, which usually looks invisible and isn't too difficult; unfortunately, the Roving is "delicate" (after all, it is roving) and doesn't like to be pulled too much--or else it breaks!  So I've had to be extra careful.  When its time to seam up the sides, I'm just gonna substitute another yarn in a similar color (that's what I did with the hats).

Once seamed, it was time for the band.  I picked up stitches down the front sides and  'round the back for the collar.  With over 200 stitches on my circular, the knitting is now slow going--very slow.  I only have to work the ribbing for 5", but it takes a while to get through so many stitches.  But I'll get through it 'cuz I ready to finish this project--sooooo ready to move on to something else.

There's yarn--brightly colored and fresh--calling my name.  I heed the call . . . I'm comin'.  Soon.

DinaPurls ;)


Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

I had the same problem with Roving being delicate. I have another sweater half done, so I'll do as you suggest and use a different yarn with more strength to it. Thanks for the tip. :)