Puppy Tug-O-War

Project – Cable Dress
Patons Pattern Book #500864 Fall in Love
Yarn – Patons Angora Bamboo
Blogger – BrennaLePurl

We got a puppy.  His name is 'Red' and he is quite the handful.  This new addition to our little family has been causing quite the raucous.  He is afterall, a puppy and well, that's what puppies do.  He's hyper, a total spaz and yet we have fallen totally in love with this little guy.  How does this have anything to do with knitting/crocheting you ask?

Picture if you will...the puppy is FINALLY laying/sleeping on the floor beneath my feet (you know, because that is the ONLY place where he knows to be).  I am happily working on my Cable Tunic when all of a sudden, out of no where, this dog, spastically jumps up and TAKES HOLD OF MY KNITTING!  Puppy teeth people!  Do you know how sharp they are?!  As we begin a match of tug-o-war and desperate pleading, I realize this is only going to end one way.  Very. Badly.  Turns out, puppies do not understand "Please LET GO of my project NOW."  In fact, they find it even more intriguing.  In the end, after many not so nice words (luckily my 3 year old human recorder was already tucked in for the night), he finally let go.

Just so you know, Patons Angora Bamboo fares pretty well in a puppy tug-o-war match.  Of course, the damaged area had a couple pulls but nothing that couldn't be fixed.  Luckily, Red did not break through any of the yarn.  The repair was fairly simple.  All I had to do was lightly block the damaged portion, adjust the pulled stitches and voila, the tunic was back to it's original shape.  It's finally dry and now I am ready to knit again.  Except now I can't find my cable needle!  It must have gotten lost during the match.  Oh well, it could have been a lot worse.  Off to the local knitting store I go...



So is Red short for Red Menace? See, there's a reason puppies are so doggone cute: they're always testing their boundaries and making us crazy. And you're not exaggerating about razor sharp puppy teeth! I'm glad your project is safe. For now, anyway... What kind/mix is Red? And how old is he now? They do grow up and get lazy. Some later than others.

Oh how I can relate!! Our golden retriever, Daisy when she was about 6 months old, grabbed my project and not only took off with it (with yarn ball trailing behind) picture two 3-year-old boys chasing her (we're HELPING mommy!) She ran out the doggie door into the back yard when she finally stopped, she swung around and stared at me (with the project hanging from her mouth)! Incidentally, one twin was mostly out the doggie door after her. Aah memories...

Red actually got his name from our son, who is 3. His full name is actually Red Orange, but we call him Red for short. We got him from the local animal shelter and they said he was a German Shepherd mix of some sort. He is now 4 months old and on the smaller side. Should only be about 40-50lbs fully grown.

thanks for the RED update. Maybe you could come over and fix a few things that Rocko has destroyed and yes they do get lazy