In the Punkin' patch

Project –  "Very Scary" Pullover
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Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes in Punkin' and Lemon Drop
Blogger – Teresaknits

While my fellow bloggers were crocheting-along, I've was knitting up a treat - my daughter's Halloween Jack o'Lantern sweater!

I commemorated Halloween this year with a sweater for my daughter -- the "Very Scary" pullover in the very un-scary Jack O'Lantern pattern. I'm using Bernat Baby Cakes yarn for its smooshy soft comfort in Punkin' (but of course!) and Lemon Drop colorways.

I started with the back and, because the pattern is mostly miles and miles of stockinette, it's going quite quickly! Here's the back panel.

Now that the back panel is out of the way, I've cast on for the sleeves -- the part of knitting sweaters that I dread the most. I'm trying something new this time, though -- I'm knitting the sleeves two at a time on a long circular needle. See?

While it doesn't seem like it is going that fast, it is nice to think that the sleeves will be completed soon and that I can move on to the best part: the front!

Sure enough, the front flew by, and I had my lovely Jack 'o Lantern Pullover ready in time for Halloween.

While the sweater turned out great, it wasn't so great trying to get her to hold still for a photo...



What a cute sweater! And I bet the Baby Cakes feels very comfortable.

Thanks! It's super soft and comfy - I need to make a sweater for me with it! :)

Baby Cakes was a perfect choice for making that sweater. I bet it is so soft! Gosh, if my mom had made me a sweater like that, I never would have taken it off! I bet that design would look good with the main color black, and a light variegated yarn for the face.