Presto Chango

Project – Carmela's Cardigan
Patons Pattern Book #500860 – Top Down Classics
Yarn – Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds in Sea Ice Tweeds
Blogger – YoElizbo

As I said last week in my post, The ABCs of a Bad Knitter, I made the commitment to reknit my Carmela's Cardigan, so that means I had to do the one thing we all hate to do, frog that baby. But before I did that, I laid it out and did a thorough check of all my misadventures: just how far off the neckline was off, what the back should measure, what the fronts should measure, and took careful and copious notes, using the pattern as a baseline.

Then there is only one thing left to do: Frog.

I had already buried a lot of the threads, so I picked those out and removed the neck band and button bands. Then I hooked it up to my ball winder and began the quick, surgical task of undoing it all. Frogging is bad enough, but doing it by hand makes it far too personal. So I just hook it up and in no time, all my knitting is unwound and the yarn is in nice neat balls. It seemed appropriate that we were watching Bride of Frankenstein as I silently unwound my sweater and fumed like Frankenstein's monster at my own monster mess.

Once the boy was all undone, I unraveled the yoke band to where it should have been to begin with and in no time, I had gone from the nearly completed sweater up above, to this:

Sigh. But it had to be done. Really, it did. Humor me, okay?

Now back to our originally scheduled project, notes in hand, and no lack of experience--only a humble appreciation of the fact that knitting is always a craft to be practiced.

When you run into a CLE (something my husband calls a "career limiting error") in your knitting, what do you do? Frog? Repurpose? Hitch on your big girl panties and dig in--aided by a copious amount of chocolate? Truly, this is a time to commiserate, share your disasters. You'll not find a more sympathetic knitter than me right now.



YoElizbo, A few things I have to say: First, looking at these pictures made me want to vomit. I'm so sorry! I too have had to rip large amounts of knitting and even though it had to be done it still made my stomach turn. Second, LOVE the use of the ball winder. I have never thought of that! It probably does go along a bit easier having to not hand wind it all!! Great idea! Third, I emphatically agree with you. If you didn't frog and redo -what good is the knitting?

The ball winder does make it really fast and over with and less time to whine and wail. And I am far too frugal and stubborn not to reknit. I still have a sweater that I didn't reknit and it hangs in my closet and I hate the thing. Besides I love the yarn! The Shetland Chunky is so snuggy.

My DEEPEST sympathies. I just know that when you are finished your sweater is going to be simply gorgeous. I so appreciate you sharing your misadventure with us. It makes me feel better about the copius amounts of yarn piling up on the floor as I frog my big booboo. I am not as fortunate or as smart as to use a ball winder. Trust me...I am going online ASAP and buying one of those suckers... as soon as I rescue my yarn pile from my cat. :)

I have no cats, but when I do it by hand, i make a real big mess of it. The ball winder is way more efficient. And glad to know I am not alone in the frogging camp. shall we all ribbet together?