Practice makes perfect?

While waiting on our readers (that means you!) to give me their color suggestions from the plentiful Patons Decor palette for my next project I thought I should practice some crochet. I'm starting with Chocolate Taupe and New Teal - where should I go from there?

I grabbed some Decor from my stash (white and burnt orange) to start out. Do you remember when you learned your craft? I am sorry to say I don’t have clear, specific memories of learning to knit. I know I struggled because I know ME but I don’t really remember having a death-grip on the needles and yarn, I don’t recall working stitches and tearing them out just to work them again. I only vaguely remember not knowing the difference between the two knit stitches. (But believe me when I say I know that I did all of those things and more!)

Well – hello crochet! Look at what I just worked. And I have no idea what I’m looking at. The pattern I’m practicing is the Funky Felted Granny Bag (I know Decor won't felt - I am only practicing). The directions tell me to "3 dc in first ch-2 sp." I deciphered the codes (dc = double crochet, ch = chain, sp = space, etc.) however, I don’t see the space! Here I thought I was being wise by using a well proven tip that it is easier to see stitches with light-colored yarn than dark or multicolored yarns and chose to start my square with white. Hah! That’s laughable.

As with learning knitting I remembered to just keep going. If I added or dropped stitches it would all work out in the end and that mistakes are opportunities to learn. Worse comes to worse I'll rip and redo. Big deal. Let us approach crochet the same way.

I will just keep working at it and not have expectations that my projects will be perfect -  and that’s okay.

Click on comments below and keep those color suggestions coming because I'm ready to get me some yarn! Hoowah.

– knittinjen


I already offered some color options, so I'll get right to my point: I was stunned to learn a year or two ago that so many people think it's harder to learn to knit or crochet with multi-hued yarn. I've always found it so much easier to explain the process by using multi-colored yarn, since you can see exactly where the yarn crosses itself with each stitch. Surely, I can't be alone in that school of thought.

After reading your thoughts on using variagated yarns I have paid more attention while knitting and can definitely see your point. I'm old but can still be taught. Hah! I like that...

You all are going to talk me into crocheting, I just know it. Especially when you are making such neat things. Keep up the great work!

My mom taught me garter stitch with size 8 antique needles and some scraggly blue Caron Wintuk when I was maybe six years old. I made little scarves for all my stuffed animals. She's a quilter so there are definitely some "crafty" genes going on - between the two of us we knit, crochet, quilt, bead, do needlepoint, wirework, origami, painting, sculpting, and even some scrapbooking when necessary.