Pinning the Pieces

So I finally got 'round to working the gusset.  And I must confess I was initially a little stymied about how it was going to be sewn to the front and back pieces (and in case you were wonderin', I chose the wrong side as my right side).

The only way to figure it out was to actually pin the pieces together.   The nice thing about the seaming in this project is that it doesn't have to be invisible.  In fact, the seam is a decorative element in the design.

Using plastic safety pins to hold the gusset to the front piece, I took my time working single crochet through both pieces.  Going back over the single crochet with the crab stitch (basically its single crochet worked backwards) created a lovely finished edge.  Isn't it purty?

In no time, the two pieces were attached.

And it's starting to look like a bag!  Once I make and attach the handles, I'll be ready for a little stroll with my new tote.

DinaPurls :D


Looks great!

Thanks Karen. I'm feeling just a wee bit proud. :)

Oh very nice, which pattern did you use? Cora

Cora, I used one of the free patterns. I linked to the bag/purse pattern page(second page): (Hope the link works. If not, just check out the free pattern search at Bernat)

Crab stitch is genius, isn't it? Yes, wrong side seems totally right here. Great job!

Thanks Michelle. Crab stitch certaily feels weird when you first start out, but it does look awesome. :)