Pieces of Lace

Project – Lace Edge Cardigan (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Satin in Lavender
Blogger – Shandeh

Woo Hoo!  The Satin Lace Edge Cardigan is starting to look like....a cardigan!

Well.....PIECES of a cardigan at least.   I'm getting encouraged now that the entire body is almost complete.  All that's left now is the sleeves and the edging.  Then I'll be ready to add some pretty buttons and wear my new purple hand-knit sweater.  Nice!

I've learned a lot while making this project.  I enjoy knitting in sections like this.  Most people prefer to knit their sweaters all in one piece, to avoid seaming.  But, I'm not like most people, I guess.  I've made a few sweaters all in one piece now, and it was a LOT of work.   The more I knit, the larger they got, and they were a pain to turn this way and that while knitting them.  And I always had to work on them at home, because they became too big to fit in my knitting bag.  But with THIS cardigan, I've been able to work on individual pieces, and carry them with me everywhere I go.

Another thing I like about knitting in sections:  The completed parts stay pretty longer.  They don't get handled over and over again while you're working on the sweater. When you finally seam everything together, it all looks fresh and new.  Love it!  And I've also heard that seamed garments hold their shape better.   Sounds good to me!

The shaping on this cardigan has been a bit of a challenge for me - because of the knot design being continued throughout the cardigan.  I was occasionally confused when it was time for another row of knots, because the number of stitches changes after increases or decreases.  Thankfully, I am now used to "reading" the design of the knots in the fabric - which helps me see where I need to place the knots. The knots form a diagonal pattern on the fabric, so you're always working between the knots you finished last.

Here's a short video that demonstrates the knot placement:

Believe me, it gets easier as you go.  I've become a pro at knitting the knot design. ;)

Off to the craft room again - this cardigan isn't going to knit itself.......

- Shandeh


You are right about the all-in-one garments geting heavy - good point about piecing. Looks great so far!

I guess I notice it more since I have arthritis. This cardigan hasn't caused any pain at all, since I'm not having to hold the entire garment while knitting. (thumbs up)