Patons Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting -Fourth Finished Project!

I am Louise from Wildflower Wool, a knitter who loves knitting and teaching others how to knit. Join me as I knit every pattern from Next Steps Eight: Fair Isle Knitting and blog my progress along the way. To read from the beginning, visit my previous posts.  
The next project in my year long knitting challenge was this wonderful I Heart Fair Isle Hat knit with three colours of Patons Classic Wool.


The colours I decided on for this hat were Aran, Royal Blue and Aquarium. I love how the finished hat turned out, below are some in progress pictures.




Once again, this project was knit in the round. Knitting this hat allows you to practice knitting from a chart with a longer repeat and stranding the unused yarn. Repeating the chart 4 times completes one round of knitting. The excitement really begins when we start to shape the top of the hat and have to work decreases within the colour pattern!





One thing that I did that the pattern doesn't call for is adding markers at the end of every chart repeat. With the markers in place it lets you know right away that each repeat you have knit is correct or not.  


When you finish knitting a chart repeat you should be at your marker. If you are short sts or have extra sts you know immediately that you have misknit somewhere within that repeat and can quickly unknit back to the mistake as opposed to knitting the entire round and then finding out you have extra sts or are short sts and having to pull out multiple repeats to fix the mistake. You can see in the pictures that I have used a different coloured marker to mark the beginning of the round.


The pattern book Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting shows you how to make a pompom without using a pompom maker. It is super simple and fast. I made this one with their recommended 30 wraps but if you want a larger pompom feel free to increase the amount of wraps.  




What do you think looks better, with the pompom or without??





It looks like from the feedback I have received on my blog is that it needs a BIG pom pom. What do you Knitters think??