Patons Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting - Fifth Finished Project!

I am Louise from Wildflower Wool, a knitter who loves knitting and teaching others how to knit. Join me as I knit every pattern from Next Steps Eight: Fair Isle Knitting and blog my progress along the way. To read from the beginning, visit my previous posts.  

Another hat is finished from the Patons pattern book Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting!


Yarn - Patons Classic Wool in Aran and Plum Heather Needles - 3.5mm and 4mm Size - Ladies

This Houndstooth Hat was an interesting knit.  I have knit a lot of fair isle patterns but this is the first one that was knit flat and not in the round.  This meant that the chart was read right to left for the knit rows and left to right for the purl rows. This also meant that the patterning continued on the purl rows.

I tried a little experiment on this hat.  The bottom half of the hat was knit holding both of the yarns in my right hand over my index finger.  The top half was knit with one colour in each hand; which meant purling with both hands.  It was great practice for my left hand purling and I am much faster at it now!

Inside of the hat



Of course when knitting a hat flat, it has to be seamed.  I was really happy how the 2 edges lined up.

The finished hat before seaming 
A barely noticeable seam



I did have a little trouble with the decrease chart for the top of the hat.  I am not sure if the problem was with me or the chart.  I have emailed Patons and they are having the Design Team contact me.  It's great knowing that there is such good pattern support behind their patterns.

After all the feedback on the last hat, I made this pompom larger that the pattern suggested.  You were all right.  I like the larger pompom much better.

Depending on the colours you knit this hat with I think it works great for both men and women (or girls and boys!).  What do you think?

Thanks to my Niece and Nephew for their amazing modeling skills :)