Patons Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting - Another Finished Project!

I am Louise from Wildflower Wool, a knitter who loves knitting and teaching others how to knit. Join me as I knit every pattern from Next Steps Eight: Fair Isle Knitting and blog my progress along the way. To read from the beginning, visit my previous posts.  

As with all the projects in Next Steps Eight Fair Isle Knitting this was a lot of fun to knit.  If you have been following my posts over the last year you will see how the patterns have become more intricate with each project.

This is the back of the pillow in progress.  The back was knit with only two colours of Patons Classic Wool and was the full size of the pillow.  This knit up fine.

Then, I do have to admit that I did experience an extreme case of "Knitters Block" when starting the blocks for the front side of this pillow.  I had the worst time picking the third colour and getting started.  I would get as far as swatching and not be happy with it and set it aside for days then try again.


This was my first try.  I used Flagstone with the Lemongrass and didn't think there was enough contrast so I tried Winter White.  It was better but still not what I was looking for.

Then on a whim I tried the aquarmarine.  I wasn't sure what it was going to look like with Lemongrass but as soon as I started knitting this colour combination I loved it!  Once the four square were knit them I blocked them before sewing everything together.
Here is the finished pillow. As you might notice right in the center of the pillow the stripes didn't quite line up.  After 3 tries at seaming and reseaming I still couldn't get them to look perfect so I improvised a bit......

 with duplicate stitch right in the center where all four blocks join.  What do you think of the result?  I am know really happy with the finished pillow.


 The next project is now on the needles. Another finished blog post will be here soon!

Happy Knitting!!


Beautiful work! :) - Shandeh

This is gorgeous! I want to make it:)

I hope to try my hand @ Fair Isle in 2014. (I also said the same thing in 2012, for 2013. . .)