Patient Paula Plodding Through the Posies

Legend has it that when a family member noticed what a quiet baby I was - never fussing, just patiently waiting for someone to give me a little attention - he dubbed me Patient Paula. It stuck. Until now, anyway.

Where is that doggone UPS truck with my pumpkin colored Wool Roving? Sure, the Labor Day weekend may have delayed it an extra day or so, but I want my pretty yarn. Now! Call me paranoid, but I'm beginning to think the driver absconded with my yarn.

My patience may be wearing thin, but I'm making the best of it. In fact, I might even finish the Felted Knitting Needle Case before my roving arrives. I just finished the full 36 inches of stockinette and have even made a couple of floral embellishments.

First, I downloaded Patons' free pattern, Fabulous Felted Flowers (to knit). It's made in pieces, to be assembled post-felting. I was wary when the instructions said to leave 4-inch tails on each piece, since all that agitation can really tangle things up:

Lesson learned: when told to leave tails, either hand felt, or put each tiny piece in its own bag (even then, it seems the tails might knot up on themselves). The pieces were all quick and easy to make, but I would suggest weaving the tails in and trimming them. It's so much easier to stitch it together after felting that it is to untangle wool that is so firmly bound together.

Since I loved YoElizbo's Felted Posy Bag, I made a couple of posies using scraps from my Felted Knitting Tote.

Posy A:

Posy B:

The pieces are still drying, so there may be time to vote, so what do you think: Posy A? Posy B? Or should I try to cut apart the Felted Flower and see if I can piece it together?

Then again, if that UPS truck doesn't show up soon, I might have to make a whole bouquet of posies.



I swear I practically haunt the front porch when I know a Paton's order is coming, so I suppose my post would have been "Stalking the UPS Man, or The Unhealthy Habits of a Paton's Blogger". The sequel to that blog would be, "How to Get Around UPS Restraining Orders for Knitters." BTW, love the felted flowers. I went nuts when I did the Posy bag and felted a ton of them! Love, love, love the felted flowers. Might even do a bouquet of them for the UPS man if he would show up!

Your posies turned out better than mine. One of the yarns I used was variegated, so there wasn't strong definition between the colors. Yesterday I couldn't believe it: the UPS guy dropped off another package from Patons! I hadn't even gone into stalker more yet.