A Pair of Heels

Project – Basic Fine Sock
Patons Pattern Book #500861 – Next Steps Four – Socks and Slippers
Yarn – Patons Kroy Socks in Sailor Stripes
Blogger – YoElizbo

Like I said in my last blog, I knit my socks in tandem, and here I have a pair of heels. What I love about doing my socks this way is that I don't forget if I made any changes to how I was doing one heel and if I liked something about one heel, the other will be nearly identical. And they are identical, in everything except the striping.

Sometimes I get really picky about the striping and spend a whole bunch of time making sure I start each sock in exactly the same place in the color repeat so that the socks will be industrial identical. But with a fun, no make that "happy" colorway like Sailor Stripes, I just want to knit it up, and I don't care if my socks don't match. In fact, I rather like seeing all the possibilities as to how the striping will look. Or at least two ways.

Now, down the foot. Then down the other foot. Question: Are you particular about striping?



OMG! I nearly commented on your last post that I would NOT be able to stand that the stripes aren't matching. But, decided that they are so cute I should be able to get PAST that! :-) So, tell me what size are you making? Hmmm, I'd be happy to take these off of your hands - heehee

I am making the larger size, since I wear a size 9 shoe. :) And I knew there would be knitters out there who would be particular about the striping. So funny it is YOU!

I'm particular about the stripes NOT matching. Then again, I was probably the first person at my school to wear non-matching fluorescent socks back in the glorious 80s.... I dress pretty conservatively and I love the private rebellion of knowing that, under my dark pants, I'm wearing mis-matched socks. :)