Overly Ambitious

See? I wasted too much time with those pointless calculations and instead of having one and a half socks to show you this week I have only one incomplete sock. *sigh*


At least the heel turning was every bit as magical as I remembered it. It's crazy how a flat stretch of knitting turns into a three diminsional heel after only a few rows. (I wonder how someone ever figured out how to do that). Now I'm on the home stretch - the instep. This pattern is neat because the top of the instep maintains the pattern while the sides and bottom are done in stockinette. This really helps to hold my interest during the most tricky part of the sock for me, when I struggle not to start the toe shaping prematurely. (You should see my set of three Christmas stockings. One of them has a club foot).

I should also mention that even though I have the pattern memorized I have gone back to using my row counter on the instep. This decision was made after a late night knitting session that resulted in thirty minutes of unfortunate frogging. Incidentally, does anyone know of a row counter that can be kept on the needle while using double pointed needles? I've seen some that say they're meant for dpn's but it seems like they would slip off too easily. Any suggestions or opinions?

All right, I'm off to finish the five inch instep. Five inches, self, do you hear me? No club footed socks this time!



I say making calculations and commitments is half the fun! Even if missing those commitments is the other half...

I had evil male math teachers (they taught together in a huge lecture hall) in 7th grade that ripped my love and appreciation for math from my very soul. I gave up trying to calculate and plan (practically everything) a LONG time ago...there is always something to throw a wrench in a plan. Always. But! I have to say: Ambition will get you EVERYWHERE! You must keep that going. What colorway are you using again? It is lovely!

There's a row counter here: http://www.knitpicks.com/accessories/Row_Counter__D80585.html I usually "hang" toward the end of my last needle. You're doing a great job on the socks. Next you'll have to learn how to do 2 at a time on circular needles.

I found a good way to keep my row counter handy. I took a big wire stitch holder (big coil-less safety pin kind) and slipped my row counter onto it and then I hang it below my first needle. This way I know when I start the new round I will remember to change the row counter. Cool sock. Keep up the good work.

jencraft - So true! knittinjen - The colorway is Mulberry Stripes. Sharon - Thanks for the recommendation, I'll check it out.

I don't what size your needles are (I imagine a small size), but I have just a plain plastic counter that is made for smaller needles so it stays fine on any needle including doublepoints. I think I bought it at a craft store like JoAnns or Michaels.