One Stitch at a Time

Project – Boldly Colored Plaid Afghan
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Decor in Chocolate Taupe, New Teal, Aran, Pale New Green, Claret, Navy
Blogger – knittinjen

This is going to be totally worth it - right? I need your cheers as you might for a quarterback running into the end zone. I admit I have NO idea whether a quarterback runs to the end zone or whether that’s a good thing or not but I was trying to write a metaphor. All I know for sure is I need encouragement to go the distance with this project. Rah! Go knittinjen!

This afghan is going to be so nice. Truly I cannot wait to see it finished. I’ve said it before but will say it again -  Patons Decor is a fantastic choice for everyday knitting and I know it will wash up nicely. As far as this pattern, it has been wonderful to have brainless knitting. This project reminds me of how much I like garter stitch. There are many who do not – and I have no judgment upon those – it is true that garter stitch uses more yarn than does stockinette (stocking) stitch. I happen to like the lumpy-bumpy, almost organic texture of garter. Certainly stockinette stitch has it’s place but for a squishy, simple, organic afghan especially made from multiple colors like this one, garter is just the ticket.

Of course I have taken into consideration that I will finish this afghan just in time for warmer weather but I am telling myself that it will be a wonderful surprise to pull out of the cedar chest come fall.

Keep those cheers coming! I will return the favor whenever prompted.

–  knittinjen


Oh, it is going to be a treasure! It looks like you have a great start and it will be so wonderful for years to come. Happy stitching!

Yay! Knittinjen! You go girl...that afghan looks amazing!!!! I love the colors and you are so totally right...the squishy garter stitch will be heavenly when the snow starts to fly this winter. Keep it up, you can do it, you're almost there..... :)