one last summer fling

Project – Lace Ankle Socks free pattern
Yarn – Patons Stretch Socks #31444 Cherry Sours 
Blogger – terriknitspatons

The summer days have waned, but I find myself trying to hold on to them with both hands.  I am not quite ready to give up dinners on the deck or weekend badminton games.  While thoughts of cabled mittens are lurking in the corners of my brain, I am not ready to pack away the short pants or sandals.  That leads me to the sweetest little pair of Lace Ankle Socks.

The yarn is Patons Stretch Socks and the color is Cherry Sours.  While knitting I have begun to think of the color as Salt Water Taffy.   The yarn is brand new to me.  When I took off the ball band I was surprised by the amount of stretch.  I wondered how much I was going to have to alter my regular tension to keep the fabric looking good.

Normally, I am on the tight side of gauge.  Not super tight, but firm, with purpose.  Casting on for the socks, I held the yarn gently so as not to have a puckered edge.   The first few rows of ribbing I concentrated on not pulling too tightly.  After a conversation with my daughter and realized I had been knitting along at my normal tension the whole time we had been talking.  No worries at all, the fabric was not tight or puckery, it was just fine.  All that attentiveness had not been needed.

The lace pattern is a super simple 4 row repeat with 2 of those rows knit plain.  If you are thinking about sticking your toes in the water that is lace knitting, this is a good first project.  A note for American knitters, "yfwd"  is a "yo".

Adorable lace pattern.  Because it is an ankle sock, it took no time at all to turn the heel and work the gusset.

I am smitten with the color combo.  I wonder if I could make a sweater using this yarn?



Cuuuute and love the colors!