Oh the Possibilies!


Just got my yarn in the mail and wow!  Loving the colours!  Very festive.  I am not a pastel girl.  Even though Bernat Baby Stretch is marketed as "baby yarn", I truly do appreciate the brighter colours--not the typical "baby" colours (see for yourself here ).  In fact, I'd dare say that Bernat Baby Stretch's colours could easily be used in a pattern for older kids or adults (provided you achieved recommended gauge for said pattern).

The other thing I noticed about Bernat Baby Stretch is that it really does stretch!  Curious to see if the added elastic will present some interesting challenges when it comes to the actual knitting.  I'll keep you posted.  Nevertheless the "stretch" factor has got my brain going: form-fitting tops anyone?  Hmmm, some possibilities . . .   And what about the added nylon?  I'm hoping to make toddler socks, but what about kid or adult socks?  Or sock-slippers?  Nylon will make the yarn more durable . . . oh the possibilities!


But I digress . . . I haven't even mentioned my planned pattern.  After perusing the Stretchy Set pattern book, I thought the toddler hat and socks would be perfect.  They're small projects that let me test the yarn and give me a nice gift set (hoping to send it a friend whose little girl is almost one).

Let the knitting begin!



I LOVE that Bernat Stretch yarn! I was in my local craft store the other day, and just kept coming back to it over and over again. Such a nice yarn. I think it will be perfect for socks. I think I'll make a pair for my son soon. He's 21, and definitely needs washable socks. I think this yarn will be perfect for them.

The Baby Stretch does feel nice. I'm sure your son would like a pair of Strech socks. I'd love to make a pair of socks for myself!

This too is what I've been waiting for (to come into the local store), also for socks. I'm using another brand of "stretchy" yarn, but don't really like the texture, especially for the soles. I was warned by a die-hard socks knitter, but did I listen? Evidently not. I can't wait to try this!!!

I hope your local store gets the Baby Stretch soon, Helen. I think you'll like the feel of it.