Not So Blue About these Blues

Project –  Mitered Blanket
Bernat Pattern Book #530199 Baby Gifts
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes
Blogger – Teresaknits

I've cast on for the mitered blanket from the Baby Gifts book and am thrilled with how it's coming together.

The pattern is easy to memorize and knit away at while paying attention to something else – always a plus for me, as I am usually knitting as a passenger in the car or while watching TV. Even better, the blocks start off large and get progressively smaller, meaning they get faster and faster as you get toward the end.

Since I am knitting this in a slightly thicker yarn (Bernat Baby Cakes instead of Bernat Softee Baby), I cast on fewer stitches: 63 instead of 103 and then 6 rows for each color stripe, followed by a block of color for the center squares. This is resulting in squares of about 8.5 inches square – close enough in my book to the 9.5 inch squares in the pattern.

I'm also knitting it in stockinette rather than garter stitch, because I like the smoothness of the knit stitches much more. But this pattern is so adaptable, you could knit it in one or the other or both – even all in one yarn colorway – and still have a beautiful and elegant blanket. The possibilities are endless!

The blue stripes make me think of summer skies and ocean waves, perfect for summertime knitting. Stay tuned for more progress!



This will be a lovely summer blanket!