No End to the Ends!

Project – Groovy Granny Poncho
Bernat Pattern Book #530135 Kool Kids
Yarn – Bernat Cottontots in Country Red, Country Pink, and Country Green
Blogger – DinaPurls

I had planned to have all the ends woven in, but . . . well, suffice to say even good plans go awry.  Too many ends!  Worse yet, I had seriously underestimated the time needed to weave them in.

Each square has 6 ends--two for each colour.  In total there are 42 granny squares.  That works out to 252 ends (where normally you might have 96 ends if each square only has one colour--and yes, I checked my figures with a calculator).  And I wanted to do a proper job 'cuz it's no fun if the grannies start to unravel.  So I took my time--at first.  Even going at a good pace, it still took me twenty minutes to get through one square!  And then I'd get bored.  I wanted to be crocheting or knitting, not weaving in ends!  Ugh! (If I had been smart, I would have modified the pattern and made each square a solid colour, but hindsight is 20/20).

When I finally had enough squares finished, I started to join them.  I think the poncho in the booklet was whip stitched together, but I didn't want to see another sewing needle, let alone use one.  Scouring my crochet books and craft magazines, I learned that grannies could be slip stitched together with a hook.

First I flipped the two granny squares to the wrong side.  After making  a slipped knot, I inserted my hook into the  front loop only of each square (pictured below)

After making a YO, I then pulled it through all the loops on my hook.

Check out the right side.  Doesn't it almost look invisible?

In fact, it was so easy to slip stitch the squares, I quickly had the front of the poncho almost completed.

Now if I can just finish weaving the ends of those last squares, I might just have a completed poncho to share with you next week--I hope . . .

DinaPurls :S


Good job on figuring out the seaming! Looks great! :)

Your granny squares are so so beautiful! I can't wait to see the final blanket. *drool*.

I meant poncho! :)

It's very cute! WoW!

I have seen many crochet projects / afghans that I would love to do. So many beautiful designs, but then I realize how many color changes are in that beautiful design and all the ends that I would have to weave in send me running! LOL I love to crochet but I hate to weave in the ends. I wish I had someone else to do that for me. Your project looks wonderful, keep it up.

Thanks everyone! I'm thinking it'll look cuter when its being worn by my niece. :)