New? New!

Project – T-Rex Toy (free pattern)
Yarn – Patons Canadiana

Have you heard? Paton's beloved Canadiana is all New! Here is the picture to prove it:

I've added the arrow just in case you missed the blazing NEW. I had asked to knit this cute project a few months ago and the Powers-that-Be at Patons (aka Jen the wonderful knitter wrangler) advised me to wait so I could knit it in the new Canadiana. Wait? I looked rather my T-rex at the notion of waiting. Roar!

But then I did a double-take. What? New Canadiana? Whatever could this mean? Sometimes when you see an old favorite with "New" on it, you just cringe. Like when they improve on your favorite soda or something else that is familiar and perfect, in your way of thinking. So when I got my long awaited shipment of "new" Canadiana, I opened the box with some trepidation. What would "new" mean?

Well, in this case "new" should be defined as "nummy soft." Maybe "shimmery". How about, "Get your paws off my Canadiana." Whoops, that was me when the boys came along to touch it and see if it was as soft as I was going on about. Their verdict? "Knit me a sweater out of THAT." So there you have it, the verdicts of an eleven and nine year old. They'll have to get in line, because in the estimation of their 29+ year old mother, "New" is awesome. I've already got visions of a wonderful sweater. Colorwork (have you seen the colors??!) or perhaps cables . . . oh, the decisions.

So have you tried the new Canadiana yet? What did you think?



The T-Rex is so cute I almost made it for my nephew's birthday, using some leftover Decor, but didn't care for the colors I had on hand. I'll be glad to track your progress on it, YoElizbo. I'm using the new Candiana now. Sad to say, I don't recall having used the old Canadiana, so I don't have any points of comparison. It is kind of shimmery, without being distractingly shiny. The Crantini is absolutely gorgeous.

Wow is that T-Rex cute! I am waiting for a box of the new Canadiana as I type. The UPS man must wonder why I look at him with longing as he passes by the house.

So, when are you going to make me a sweater, my friend? I like soft yarn... :-)