A New Baby, A New Blanket

Project – Tiled Blocks Blanket (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Stretch in  Purple Ping Pong, Stretchy Snow, Jungle Jump, Blue Boing
Blogger – JenWKnits

I love giving knitted projects as gifts – especially for a new baby.  It isn’t just that I love knitting (which I do!) or that I love babies (which I do!)-  it is that when I work on a knitted project for a baby I spend a lot of time thinking about that baby.

As I knit the blocks that will make up my niece’s baby blanket, I imagine her building sand castles on the beach with my daughters and having sleepover parties where they are giggling and cozy with their blankies.

Ah, before that beautiful picture becomes a reality my niece will need to be a little older than her mere one month and my knitting will need to get done.

As usual for me, I have trouble envisioning how the first few stitches of a project...

will become a blanket.

But as I keep knitting and the individual squares begin to form

And they even match up where they are supposed to match up:

I’m beginning to get a better picture in my head.  And it is a pretty picture - except for all the ends that are going to need to be sewn in – there should be a finishing fairy to come take care of that for me :)

- JenWKnits


If you've met that finishing fairy, send her to my house when you are done with her :) The blanket looks great!

Hi I am a first timer at his , looking through you website and was very impressed. I am looking to start knitting for my first grandchild. I would like to knit in cotton as in Australia it is very war. We are expecting our grand child in October so I have enough time to knit something really nice!!!!! Was wondering if you could give me some advise as to whatg I should look for in a pattern or stay clear of. I am an experienced knitter but in wool this will be my first time in cotton. Hope you can help me start my cotton knitting adventure!!!! Many thanks Nanna Barb to be.

I started a new pattern of a teddy bear blankie for my new granddaughter and I am not happy with the baby yarn I purchased Bernat brand. It was tangled inside and pulled. I normally do not take the time to put the yarn into a ball should I do this with your brand of yarn. The colors I purchased were beautiful but all tangled inside .Please help me. Thanks,