Needling Question....

After making the super-cool Felted Knitting Tote, I'm waffling on whether to make a coordinating Felted Needle Case, one of Patons' free patterns.

The pros

1) It's simple.

2) I have lots of leftover yarn.

3) It can be embellished.

The cons

1) It may be a little too simple to hold my interest.

2) Thirty-six inches (82 stitches wide) of stockinette stitch. (You may remember me calling large spans of stockinette "mind-numbingly boring" or something to that effect.) That's a lot of knitting to get to the embellishments.

3) It seems designed to hold straight needles, but I prefer circulars (they don't get in the way as much as straight needles do, and the cord allows more space for the stitches), so would I even use it?

As much as I dislike the thought of 36" of stockinette with nary an increase nor decrease, I actually did cast on the other day. Two evenings worth of knitting and I only have 5-1/2 inches to show for it.

I know how I'm leaning, but I want your collective take as well: Do I continue? Frog it? Or keep it as my in-between-projects project?



You could keep it as an easy-peasy in between project. OR you could head right the embelishments and find fun places to put them.

I'm not terribly excited by the flat flowers shown on the pattern, so I'm thinking of embellishing it with the posies from the adorable Felted Posy Bag.

Looks cute. Simple enough to make and then move on to another project!

oooh, I have a copy of that pattern - I say keep it for your in-between project so I can be inspired to start it too! lol ...and I need something for my circulars too, so if you adapt it for that, I'll be watching/reading!

I'd never advocate doing something that's mind-numbingly boring (except for some jobs I needed that paid well), but this could be cute if you embellished it with one of the designs from the original project and if you'd use it for straight needles. Even though you prefer circulars, you do still use straight, no?

Keep working on it. I keep something like that in the car for sitting in traffic, sitting and getting gas, sitting at long lights, knitting while waiting in the doctor's office, waiting in the resturant...boring but knitting you can easily pick up and put down. Looks like you can sew your pockets as wide as you want and could accomodate circulars. And, you wouldn't necessarily have to knit that long a piece because you won't have long needles sticking up. I say go for it and get a more challenging piece to work on when you are at home. I am getting ready to do a pair of the felted monkey slippers for my grandson for Christmas. He is four and loves all things monkey.

I'd continue. a, you can always use it for times when people wnat to talk to you, or you're doing something else (listening to an audio book?) b, even if you don't use it yourself you can always use it as a gift. Plenty of people love straights (ahem, mentioning no-one in particular...)

Wow. Great minds do think alike! I hate frogging things so I decided to keep it as my in-between project. You do realize that it might take years for me to finish it, right? Unless I want to make a pattern that needs my favorite size 8 circulars...