Nearly there


(Notice I did a couple pair with seed stitch cuffs and another with a rolled cuff - not sure if this will show after felting): Mitten Garland

Get ready for a violent hot water bath and the impending transformation. Whoot! I can’t remember if I’ve shared how much I love to felt knit items. I think the technical term to use is fulled (because felting is the correct term for when you needle/hand felt). Is anyone out there in the know on this? Mind sharing your expertise?

You’re going in my pretties (sounding like the Wicked Witch of the West)…


No! You can’t do this to us us!

I like ruining some knitting (on purpose). It is great fun. You get to knit extra large (to allow for shrinkage) and if you have an error here or there it is very forgiving. Just make sure you weave in your ends well and don’t leave any holes. And don’t ask me how I know why this is so important.

A few felting (fulling) tips that I say cannot be mentioned often enough:

  1. Put the items in a zippered pillow case. (This could not only save your washer— but your marriage.)
  2. Add something heavy duty (like jeans) to the washer because they will help speed up the process.
  3. Set your washer on the lowest water level, fastest agitation, and hottest water, add a tiny (stress here on TINY) amount of mild soap.
  4. Keep watch. Pull the items out of the pillow case often to check the progress. Some wool felts quickly and it all depends upon the water temperature, agitation, and whether Venus is in line with Mars or something like that…
  5. Last but not least spin for a short, short time and have a clean towel ready to roll your felted items into to get rid of excess water because if you spin too long it can cause permanent wrinkles.
  6. Shape/mold your felted item and allow to dry.



I use an old (clean!!) shoe as my agitation buddy. However, I do not put my stuff in a pillow case and somehow have missed this important step in the past. Please do not tell my husband. Looking forward to seeing the FO!

A shoe! I haven't heard of that before. Usually I just throw in my jeans or a towel. Yes, the pillowcase (or lingerie bag) is important, both to save your appliance and to prevent the felted item from felting together with anything else in the machine (I once had a purse that was 'hugging' my jeans, and wouldn't let go).