Nap Time!

Project – Lightly Laced Pillow (knit)
Patons free pattern (download here)
Yarn – Patons Décor in Oceanside, Aran
Blogger – K1Paula2

Pretty much anyone who knows me knows I've never been a napper. Not even in kindergarten when we had mandatory nap time. I have to be really exhausted or fighting a fever to even contemplate a nap. That said, my newly-finished Lightly Laced Pillow is rather inviting.

Here it is before filling:

You know what the hardest part of this project was?

Twisting six strands of yarn together to make the lace. The pattern said to twist it until it starts knotting up. Voila:

It worked well until I was about halfway through lacing the pillow. That's when the twists started untwisting. Perhaps I should have twisted it even tighter. I decided to braid it instead, using my trusty desk drawer to hold it securely as I braided. And braided. And then braided some more:

Luckily I had a rectangular pillow form on hand. It's a little small, but should do for now. I popped it in, laced it all up, and am ready for a nap - or would be, if I were a napper:

- K1Paula2


Oh, that's cute!

I bet the pattern could be easily adapted for crochet. I'm sure there was a similar Felted Crochet pillow among the free patterns at And Lori, if you haven't tried felting yet, you have to. It's like magic, and any tiny mistakes literally come out in the wash.

Good job. You should make these in 'team' colors—like Chicago Bears' blue and orange, etc. Just an idea....

You would say that, Lisa, LOL. What about the 'Hawks' black and red? Or is it red and white? Place your request now if you want something in time for football season.

A fellow non-napper! There aren't many of us around you know. Although, I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to be able to nap now and then and I hate it. Like you I have to be seriously ill and nearing exhaustion. The pillow looks great. Can't wait to see it post felting!

Sorry if I confused things when mentioned the crocheted felted pillow pattern, and with all of our talk in another thread about fun felting projects. This pillow is not felted. It just looks kind of loose in the photo because my pillow form was a little too small.

That is cute! The color combinations are endless.

Good looking, does it come in Hawkeye colors? or Truman colors? or Bulldog colors? or AHS colors? I like the X's and tie and I think you could make some bucks if you patronize teams............ You did a great job Paula..............

Thanks, Cyndy. It's not my pattern, so I really couldn't make pillows to sell since it would likely violate the designer's copyright. Even if it were my own design, given how many hours of knitting went into the one pillow, even at minimum wage it would cost a small fortune if I were making it for profit! You might be able to twist my arm into making one for you as a Christmas gift...but you'd have to show up to claim it!