Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along - Clue #7

Clue #7

Here’s how the completed Clue 6 square looks. I'm glad so many of you enjoyed this square (or at least found it a nice break after all those mitereds).

Now for Clue #7.


This week we're, back to working in rounds with a big granny square using all the colors you’ve chosen. We thought we’d give you a big break this week so you’re only going to make one of these. It’ll give you time to catch up especially if you’re making more than one of these afghans! Remember when you clip the ends to leave about 3 or 4 inches to work over in the next round or weave in.

Have fun making this clue. See you here next week with a photo of it and with Clue #8.

Happy crocheting!



Giants Win......Giants Win... Oh and this weeks clue is a fun one.

Wow - this totally throws my ideas of how the final project is going to look. So glad it is another easy one!

My idea is gone too. Now I'm looking forward to the finished project even more!

my idea of how this will look puts this big granny square right in the middle of the whole thing.

Ohhh Boy this looks like fun!!

Happy to see the clue on time this week, Laura! :) and I love being on the West Coast because I get it three hours early - tee hee!

What is the trick again to finding my comments left on this site amid everyone elses??? Thanks

Hold down your "control" key and push the "F" key. A "find" space should come up at the top left of your screen. I did not know about this until I read it on one of the previous clue blogs since this is the first time I have tried blogging. Thanks again to whoever posted it the first time.

Thanks I never knew that either.

My "Find" box appears at the bottom left on my desktop, and at the center top on my laptop.

Don't you just love variety??? It sure keeps things lively!!!

Thanks I never new this either. This is my first time blogging, have a great time. All the helpful hints have been a great help...thanks again, keep up the good work ladies.

Please, please tell me you are joking. I have been staying up late and getting up early to catch up, and finally finished Clue # 6 Tuesday evening. I decided to take a quick look at this weeks clue, only to find there is only 1 square! What will I do with the other 6 days and 23 hours until the next clue????? ;)

OMG that was my thought exactly. I thought it would be getting more and more challenging as we go and here I am about to start this clue, and wondering what I will be doing the rest of my day and week. Guess I'll have to find more things to do and hope that next Wednesday is a nice hard clue.

I have a bad habit of not weaving in ends as I go so I'll catch up on that this weekend. I love blogging with you gals and reading all the comments.

Too Funny!! I found myself in that same predicament last week - and what did I do?!?!? Went out and bought 5 new colors and STARTED A SECOND ONE!!! Have I lost my mind or what?!?!?!? :)

I did the same thing ha ha. I am currently on clue 3 of my second afghan! I've only ever finished one before and yet here I will have two done by to decide who's going to get them as gifts! :)

My husband laughed and laughed when I said I was disappointed there was only ONE square. So, I'll get even. I'm going out to buy yarn for another afghan! :)

You go Girl!


You go girl, I think I will do the same thing.

I'm expecting two great grandbabies after the first of the year so I have plenty of baby stuff to work on between squares.

This second one is going to a very sweet lady in my church (she is 96 years old and still drives herself around!!). She is like a grandmother to me and I love her to pieces! Can't wait to get it done so I can give it to her.

I put this in the wrong place (under AnnaJo), sorry! This second one is going to a very sweet lady in my church (she is 96 years old and still drives herself around!!). She is like a grandmother to me and I love her to pieces! Can’t wait to get it done so I can give it to her.

I for one am going to catch up on clue 5. I went out a town a couple of weeks ago missed clue 4 and 5. 4 getting ready to go and 5 going. I have done about 6 of the mitered squares but no 2 are the same size, howerver I do like the look of them. Since we changed colors so many times I don't think I can frog them. For the most part they are 7 to 7 1/2 inches, the problem is 7 inches at the beginning corner, I somehow need to figure out our to make that part bigger. I have only done the increase method, maybe should try the decrease method.

Corchet the three togethers very loosely. That will allow it to be more square at the end.

One of the other crocheters, suggested increasing the size of your hook every few rows, say size J for rows 1-4, then size K for rows 5-10, finally, size L for the rest of the rows. Or maybe you can use some combination that suits you.

When you do the sc3tog dont go to tight or to loose. They need to be staggered as they go up. Also up can see if it is going in when you lay it flat, if so rip and redo. I had to go up a hook when using the fern. Also had to do a whole row of sc in the 13 row and then did 2, 2sctog in the 20th or 21st row. It made it a bit lacy looking but it kept it going straight. Hope this helps you and Happy Crocheting!! ;-P

Stayed up to get clue before going to bed.Thank you Bernat for this granny square.This gives me time to catch up and redo some squares. Going through my notes from the blog on the clues i noticed that i do not have the directions for decrease mitered square. i still have some of clue five to finish and i wanted to try this . If anyone has this please put on blog so i can copy it in my notes. I have till next wednesday to catch up so i will be busy crocheting. Happy crocheting everybody ! also how can i get the smiley face icons ?

The decreased miter is clue #5 on the blog. Look toward the top of the page on the right hand side. There's a link that will take you to that clue. If you happened to mean the increase miterd square, here's a link to Bernat's pattern - If you follow the increase pattern, you will change colors in different places, but you should be able to follow along easily.

The decrease method for the mitered square (clue 5) is the one that Bernat posted as the instructions for Clue 5. The alternative to their post would be the increase method.

The clue 5 is a decrease miter. I think you want the increase. Start with ch 2. 1st row: (RS). 3 sc in 2nd ch from hook. Turn. 2nd row: Ch 1. 1 sc in first sc. 3 sc in next sc. 1 sc in last sc. Turn. 5 sc. 3rd row: Ch 1. 1 sc in each of first 2 sc. 3 sc in next sc. 1 sc in each of last 2 sc. Turn. 7 sc. 4th row: Ch 1. 1 sc in each of first 3 sc. 3 sc in next sc. 1 sc in each of last 3 sc. Turn. 9 sc. Then just follow the clue 5 pattern backwards. It's actually quite easy and neater. I use a sticky note to keep my place. No idea how to add the emoticon unless they are copy/pasting.

8 )=8) ; -)=;-) : -P=:-P

you don't need to ask for the clues from anyone ,all clues still available in the blog.JUST SCAN AND FIND CLUE NUMBER IN TH ARCHIVES on the blog.---even find the clues for last year knit a long afghan.happy hooking.

You just hit the 8) 8 ) or :-) : -) or try and find new ones. :-P

Yeah!!! This looks like fun. Do you think this large square will be placed in the center of our finished afghan?

Yes, I think it will be the center!!

me too

That was my first thought as well, that we will be placing this large granny square in the center. How fun and definitely a mystery how it will all turn out. I am glad for the time to finish the mitered squares! Enjoy crocheting the BIG ONE everyone!

That is what I thought too. It seems like you would put a large square in the middle otherwise it would be off center.

Yep, I am thinking center too! Hey Laura/Bernat - does this mystery have a afghan pattern name or will us bloggers get to suggest names for our finished project?!

OOPS! I meant to say WILL this mystery pattern have a name...

I agree, I also think the 16 mitered squares will be sewn together to create 4 large squares and perhaps will be the four corners. If they will be sewn together, this would be a good time to work on them, if we only knew.

No, the 16 mitered wont be sewn together into 4 squares.......would have been much easier and looking much better to just have 4 squares in the first place.

I think they will be sewn together. While it might have been easier - I think the purpose was to learn a new technique.... Only time will tell :-)

Okay, this one sure came as a surprise. It will definitely give me time to finish my last 3 clue 5 squares.

I'm right with ya on that one! I'll probably finish them before starting on the big square because it changes colors too. That's the hold-up for me.

Woo hoo, I just finished Clue #5 and so am all caught up!! I'm downloading Clue #7 now and getting my yarn out!! If you want to peek, I've posted my squares on Ravelry. My name there is RuthA0909

With the hundreds of possible patterns out there, first we do sixteen of the same pattern and now we have to do more granny? This CAL is a huge disappointment.

I'm a little disappointed in this square, too. I don't mind going another granny but it does seem like we could mix up the stitches a bit instead of doing a traditional double stitch pattern. Also, I think it would be fun to do a square using an afghan hook--you never see patterns using an afghan hook anymore!