Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along - Clue #6

Clue #6

Here’s how the completed Clue 5 square looks. Don’t worry if you didn’t finish all 16 squares before today – you’ll have time to catch up this week and next week. For any of you who had trouble keeping your mitered squares square, several great ideas were brought up in the comments of the blog - the most common fix was to loosen up your sc3tog stitches.

Now let’s get started on Clue #6.


You only need to make 4 of these and they use 2 different lacy stitch groups. Both groups are formed with dc and chains; the difference is in the number of each stitch used and the spacing between them.

When working your first row be sure to make all 6 dc for the shell in the same ch. Don’t worry – there’ll be enough space for them. In the photo below I’m about to make the 6th dc – you can see the other 5 already made in the same chain.

When you skip the next 3 chains, you’ll have to watch carefully because the chain next to the one holding the shell almost disappears under the last dc. In this photo you can see two chains next to my thumbnail; the third one is a little harder to find because it’s snuggled right in against the shell.

If you miss any of these chains, you’ll be short at the end of the row. It’s not too bad when you have only 31 ch to worry about but if it were 131 ch in the row and you missed a couple of these stitches – well, let’s just say it’s no fun to get to the end of a long row like that and be short a few stitches. That’s why when I do lengthy chains I mark every 25 stitches or so to make the counting easier and I often chain a few extra just in case. They’re easy to remove when you’re sure you don’t need them after all.

Remember your shells should stack alternately like bricks and always to work into the center ch-1 space, not the actual chain itself.

If you needed to work into the chain we’d specify that and the chart would show a little arrow pointing to the chain to indicate that you work into the actual stitch.

This is a pretty square that is fast to work and I think you’ll like making this clue. I’ll be back next week with a photo of it and with Clue #7.

Happy crocheting!



Cool! This looks like a nice square and an easy one. I should have plenty of time to do this one and get caught up on clue #5. Happy crocheting!

I only have 4 more #5 to go but I have tried and tried to make #6 and I don't think I am doing it right. I don't find this one easy. I hope I can go in the intenet and find what this type looks like . It just isn't stacking right I guess. I am a self taught crocheter so when things are new, I tend to freak out a bit.

Nancy this is an easy one. You may just be missing a chain or stitch. The 2 dc on the ends stack on top of each other the whole pattern. The shells and v stitch stack on top of each other, alternating every row. You do 5 rows of each and then the final row. Look at the chart, thats what I used. You can do it!! ;-)

I thought I was following the pattern right, total of 6 rows of then the final end. just measured and its 8x 5. so will try to work anouther row or two. thanks for comment.

I was having problems also, then decided to use stitch markers to mark the chain to place my shell stitch. After the first 2 double crochets, I counted over to the first shell placement and put a stitch marker. I continued this for the other 2 & it worked out much better. I was able to finish all 4 squares today. Good luck.

I find that the wording of the pattern for row #3 is incorrect. The way it tells you to crochet the double crochets that stack up over the two after the shell do not tell you to skip the remaining dc in the v and crochet in the two dc after that so it won't stack right if you follow the pattern exactly. I figured it out from the chart. I've been crocheting for 41 years and found these directions confusing!

Funny, but I found the instructions easy to follow without looking at the diagram. Maybe because I only started crocheting 6 mnths ago...

Thank you so much for this helpful suggestion. I used the stitch markers and completed 3 of the 4 last night, Happy crocheting

I'm having the same problem. I have done shell patterns before - but this one really baffles me! In 3rd row, I can't figure out which chain I'm supposed to use for the Shell. I end up with too many shells. HELP!!

Use the chain in the middle of your v-st only so the shell is directly above the one two rows before.

Found it! YEA!

Glad to see my # 5 squares look just like the pic on here.....can't wait to get home from work and get started on #6.....was a little worried when I got up early this morning and there was no clue.....oh well it's on here now and that's all that matters......happy crocheting everyone!

I too was worried where clue #6 was but glad it is there now. This square will go fast so I can finish my 16 squares, have 10 done and they look like the picture. Happy crocheting.

My square looks just like it should, maybe a little too tight with my stitches, so I'll just loosen those but I reversed the greens. Should I rip them out & start all over? I've only had time to do do 2 right now. My other question is - is it going to cause me headaches later on - like am I going to run out of the wrong colour of green and/or amount of wool for future squares? I used the wrong colour in Clue # 4 too then too! I am using the same colours that Bernat suggested. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I also reversed my greens but I had bought 7 Forest and 2 Fern instead of 7 Fern and 2 Forest by mistake. I don't think you will have enough unless you made the same error I did.

I did the same thing! :P

I say it adds to the mystery of the afghans appearance if you leave the colours the way they are and substitute if necessary later on. I suppose it depends on how adventurous you are feeling. =) On the bright side all of the colours go with one another so it won't be ghastly if you mix them up a bit will it? Who knows you may be pleasently surprised.

I used the wrong green in the last few should be fern and I used forest. I have only 6 done so I decided to do two more with the forest and then do the next 8 with the fern like it should be that way if they are put together as large squares (4 - 8" squares) the middle will be the same. Got 2 squares of clue #6 done. They go much faster the Clue #5. I look forward to Wednesdays to get each new clue! All be blessed!! color changes! Can't wait to get started on this one. I have discovered that I can't watch football on tv and crochet at the same talk about Ripit, ripit! Hook 'em Horns! Have a great week everybody!

Frannie, My Fiance has learned not to talk to be during football games and I have learned the same as you that I just can't crochet and watch football, that's what the commercial breaks are for!!! And sorry but I have to say Go Gators!

Same Problem can't crochet and watch Football Guess that's really just a problem on Sundays. Sorry you two-I'm a die hard Steeler Fan!

Way behind on clue #5 squares. Had a Halloween costume emergency that had me making a pink "mod wig" from a recent crochet mag and a yellow hat for my dad (grand dad) so he could be "the man in the yellow hat" to escort my one year old who will be dressed as a monkey. Plus he'll get to eat all the trick or treat candy since my son is too young for most of it. So happy to see a shell pattern that crochets up fast after those mitered squares! P.S. Donna, at least your team wins. My choices are the Bengals or the Browns. Being from Cincinnati I feel obligated to cheer for Benglas but Ocho Stinko needs to start catching some passes. =)

My parents live in Cleveland they feel your pain. But then again I am a Jaguar Fan as well so I'm not too far off. lol.

You got that right Kelly! Go Gators! ;)

Jennifer thanks! What a game this week overtime about killed me!

Have to agree - however for my son-in-law ... Roll Tide

Almost had a heart attack when clue #6 was not there when I log on to Bernat. 12 done of clue #5. Going to make square for clue #6 right now. Have fun

I am right with ya! I woke up early this morning just to get the pattern and wasn't there...EEK! I have never been one to hurry up and wait..even while in the military. I can if I had my hands busy with a project. lol Watch, I get these 4 done today and wear a trail in the carpet for next Wed. for Clue 7.

Pup? That you? So cool! Lycoris

lol Yeppers! Glad you could join us... wish I knew you crochet sooner and we could have started this from Clue 1 together!

LOL I think there were a lot of panicked women this morning wondering where our next clue was ;-)

Yup! I couldn't find it either,felt a twinge of panic and wrote to Bernat. They sent me an email so fast I couldn't believe it!! But, now I can't figure the pattern out.

Nancy, If you make sure your shells and "V"s stack on top of each other (each made in the ch 1 of the other) and the two double crochets between the shells & Vs stack up, you will be okay. Look at the chart and you should be able to figure it out. The wording on row #3 is confusing. Also, are you from Rhode Island? I went to school with a Nancy Campbell. Good luck and let me know if you still have trouble.

Yeah! My #5 square looks just right. Can't wait to get started on clue #6. Gotta go get groceries first, then it is an afternoon of crocheting.

I'm going to get right to work on these and try to catch up on the unfinished set of clue 5 squares. Glad this one looks fast so I'll have plenty of time.

Okay, all is good again! I got worried too this a.m. when I checked the blog and the clue had not been posted yet. I hope this doesn't sound too bad, but I was SO GLAD to have clue 5 done! I liked the technique but I was getting a little tired of making the same one over and over. I think it was because I was trying to get them all done before today, maybe I worked on them too much. Should we go ahead and block these that we have finished? Hope everyone has a good week!

Yes a good idea to block as you go.....

I don't think you sound too bad in relation to how many of the same block we had to make. After a while I was able to do it half asleep.

I was beginning to worry that there was no clue #6! I'm glad we only make 4 this time--I still have 6 to make of #5. I really had trouble keeping mine square. I used someone's suggestion to go to a bigger hook size half way through the square. That worked for me. I hope this one will stay true to size!

Judy, when I made my first square for Clue #5, it came out too tight. So, for my second try, when I did the sc3tog, I only used the front loop of the three chains, which loosened them up, and the square turned out perfectly.

Courtney J saved my sanity, I mistakenly tried to tighten the miter corner and after trying the tip from courtney, my squares are perfect. Thank you so much...

No problem Birdieuse. I'm glad I could help. I've picked up a lot of useful tips on the blog myself.

I've been having the same problem - and it's about half way through. Wonder what's up with that? Will try the larger hook too. Thanks.

I just tried to loosen up my tension (especially when we crocheted together the three stitches), and then when I tried it a second time it came out to 8 inches.

The shell stitch is really pretty, and easy to do. I am happy that my one block from clue #5 looks like the one pictured. I'll be sooo happy when this quilt is finished so I can crochet again!

Was so glad someone else had only 1 of clue 5 finished. I tried a larger hook, too big, so went back to a 6.0 and just loosened up the tension big time. Finally got one that is square and 8". I'm not going to stress about getting them all done. Off on a cruise for 2 weeks so I'll be really behind. No crocheting in the Caribbean!

Wow!!...Have fun ;-)

I am making two afghans so I have to make 32 squares for #5 and I only have 3 done! So I figure that I just keep plugging. As long as they are done by Christmas and time to sew these all together! We aren't getting graded on how fast we finish. I find I get bored having to make so many of the same kind and keep changing colors. But overall, I am having fun! I already got 4 of this week's done. I have 4 more to make for my second afghan. Happy Crocheting!

I get board also with so many to make of the same (especially when they are so tuff to get Square!). So I am doing it the assembly line way, by doing all the chain row, row 1 and row 2 (natural). Then I go back and do the next 2 rows in them all. I have a 4 complete now... GL to you

yippie!!! I like the look of this one, I've never made it though so its new to me and I'm excited to start, gonna finish my last 2.5 squares from clue #5 then get right to these. was hoping to have more of colors B-C-D, not just accents, cause those are my favorite colors. happy crocheting everyone