Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along - Clue #2

Clue #2

Before we send you off to work on Clue #2, here's how the Clue 1 square should look. I hope yours looks just like this one.

Now let's get on with Clue #2.


In the sc/dc square we worked back and forth -  sometimes the right side (RS) of the square was facing you and sometimes the wrong side (WS) was facing you. In this clue we’re going to be working in rounds, rather than rows. This means that the right side of the work will always be facing you while you’re making these squares.

We begin with a chain which needs to be joined with a slip stitch (sl st) to form a ring.

Joining chain to form a ring

Next we work stitches into the ring. Insert your hook directly into the center hole of the ring when making each stitch.

Double Crochet stitches worked into the ring

To make your work neat and to have fewer ends to darn in here’s a little trick. Hold the tail behind the chains of the ring and work over the tail as you work the stitches into the ring. I try to work over tails whenever possible because my least favorite activity is darning in ends! In the photo, you’re seeing the back of the work with the tail under the dc stitches.

As seen from back - working over the tail

At the end of each round we join with a slip stitch to the first stitch that we made in that round (in this case, the top chain of the beginning chain 3.)

Have fun working your granny squares. See you back here next week with a picture of Clue 2 and with Clue 3.

Happy crocheting!



Yeah it's here!!

Yahoo!!!! This has been the longest week of my life. Get to make my green and my yellow squares. I love granny squares, too! The two afghans I am making are going to be just beautiful, I can tell!

How do you have a space in crochet. chain 3 sp? I'm confused. Can someone help?

They mean the space left by the Ch 3

Did anyone reply? The CH3 space is talking about the space BELOW the chain 3. Hope that helps, if not, feel free to e'mail.

The chain 3 space is the area under the 3 chains - the hole created by the 3 chains. Did this help?

Can somebody please help me? I am a first time crocheter, and can't understand how to start Round 2 of clue # 2. I chained 3 and then it says to sl st in each of next 2dc. Question 1. I take it that I don't go into the ring to do sl st. I do sl st in the chain like sl st was done to join the chain of 5 into a ring. Question 2. What does this mean : "ch-3 sp." Question 3. How do I do this: "2 dc. Ch 3. 3 dc in sam sp as last sl st" - seems to me we are going backwards? Please help me!

Veggy, to do rd 2. you are going across the top 2 previous dc on rd 1 with the slip stitch. Then 1 slip stitch in the chain 3 space. Now you chain 3 and do the 2 dc in the same space. GL 8)

Question 1. I take it that I don’t go into the ring to do sl st. I do sl st in the chain like sl st was done to join the chain of 5 into a ring. Not really sure what you are asking, but I think you are correct Question 2. What does this mean : “ch-3 sp.” This means the space left by the Ch 3 Question 3. How do I do this: “2 dc. Ch 3. 3 dc in same sp as last sl st” – seems to me we are going backwards? You are making little circles, like the drawing. It may seem like you are going backwards. If you aren't sure about how to do it, practice on some scrap yarn until you have a good idea of what you need to do and then move to the yarn you've chosen for your afghan. Does that help?

You may be better aided by looking at the graphs. I Hope this helps...To begin chain 5. Sl st in first ch to create a ring. 1st rnd: ch 3 (this is after you have created your ring) then do 2 dc beside your ch. (this now looks like 3 dc) then ch 3 and make 3 dc.It will looks like this lll---lll Your questions: 1)I am asuming you mean the sl st in rnd 2 etc., if so just go into the top of the dc you have and instead of making a dc in the top of the stitch, sl st, then do to the next and finally into the ch 3 space. Where you will ch 3 then dc twice (again looks like your 3 dc) Question 2: I realize I just repeated this term. Ch 3 space is the space you see made from the ch 3 in the previous round. Again it will look like this: lll---lll. The 3 dashes represent your ch 3 space, the lines represent dc. Question 3:I really already answered this above.You will not be going backwards. I hope this has helped and not confused you. I am better at hands on teaching then writing.

1. A slip stitch can be used in two different ways -- the first being to connect things like you did to connect your chain stitch ends to form the loop. The *other* thing that a slip stitch is used for is to "walk" your thread over to another spot in your work. In this case you are walking your thread across the top of the two double-crochets. So just insert your hook into the top of the dc that looks like the chain stitch, yo and pull through both. 2. A chain 3 space refers to the space underneath the chain three. (The hole.) 3. Whatever hole you worked your two dc in, chain three and then go back into the same hold that you put your first two dc in. What you are doing is making a corner. The chains in the middle help to pivot the corner effectively. Just ignore the thing about last slip stitch. I'm sure it's what you're already doing -- but it's confusing you. You know, they really should post some videos with these things. It's hard to describe with words when you've never crocheted before.... Hope this helps.

Allison; Go to youtube, and key in granny squares. There's a person on with a great video. She's tjw1963, Teresa. Her web page is ( The Art of Crochet). Check her out. You will become a pro watching her video.

1) "Sl st in each of next 2 dc and ch-3 sp." means to slip stitch in the top of each of the next 2 double crochet stitches (from round 1), then into the space created by the chain 3. You are just moving the yarn to the next ch-3 sp without adding height. 2) "ch-3 sp" means chain 3 space - the space created by the 3 chains from the previous round. 3) "(2dc. Ch 3. 3dc) in same sp as last sl st. - The parentheses are important! This means to double crochet two times, do 3 chains, then double crochet three times all in the same space that you did the last slip stitch. That would be the space that you moved the yarn to - question 1. I hope this is clear. I wish I were there to show you! If you need more help, just ask! Persevere!!!!!!!!!

You slip stitch across the top of the DC's in the first row to get to the corner. In the corner is your chain 3 space that you made. You slip stitch onto the chain 3 space and then make a chain 3 to start the first corner of row 2. The chain 3 you just made is your first DC of that corner. You then make 2 more DC's in the space , chain 3 then make 3 more DC's to complete that corner. Play around with it and I think it will make sense to you. Have fun.

Thanks, Julie, DonnaLyne, Allison, DonnaD, Liz, Linda. Your hints and answers really helped me out. Looking at the chart, it makes sense and I am able to figure it out. The piece is looking like a square. I have finished 3 rounds of the first square. Thank you very much! Happy crocheting. I am tracking my progress on my blog - I will post pictures of the squares of clue 2 soon (as soon as I get it right ;). Lot of unraveling on account of being a beginner crocheter. But I am excited to learn because I love to make laces and scarves!!! Cheers, veggy

They look really good> you should be proud of yourself.

Hi Veggyvamp! I made a video of Clue 2 to help you out.

Thank you so much for your demonstration, Shandeh. I am a knitter and this is my first experience with crocheting. If I forget what to do, I can go back and watch your demonstration. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to go any further than Clue #1 but I'm not worried now! A BIG THANKS!

You're welcome! I was worried about trying this CAL also, because I'm a beginner. But, I'm getting more confident now! SO glad I finally figured it out.

Thank you thank you thank you---after wasting half my yarn I finally saw what I did wrong by watching your video--now my square is perfect! Carylou

Yay! Isn't it fun to get it right?

Great video! Thank you for posting this.

You're welcome!

Thanks so much for the video. I was so lost as this being my first Granny Square. I had frogged and frogged. I finally figured it out due to your video. Thanks again for putting it on video so I could finish it before clue #3 came out.

Hi Lynette! I was lost at first too. I used to make granny squares when I was a teenager, but it was a different way....and my double crochets weren't right back then. SO nice to finally get them right!

Thank you for the video! I'm more of a knitter, my grandmother taught me how to crochet, but we never made it to granny squares. Again, thank you!

You're welcome, Melissa! Glad I could help. :)

Thank you so much Shandeh! I really really appreciate it. Your video helped me figure out the second mistake that I was doing and why my spaces weren't aligned. The surprising thing in your video was the same tablecloth is on my dining table! Thank you so much for your help! I will post the pictures of my squares from clue # 2 shortly on my blog :). Cheers, Veggyvamp

Glad you like the video! The background is actually my bedspread! (tee-hee)

The finished picture of Clue#2 shows 5 rows. Pattern calls for 6 rows as does the graph. Which is correct?? I did the 6 rows like the pattern says and graph shows. The squares are just short of 8".

I have my first four squares done. It was a choice between grading papers with a headache and the beauty and comfort of yarn and my favorite hook.

I'm a teacher too and knitting (and now crocheting) is my way of relaxing after a day of kids.

It's here, it's here, it's here, it's here!!! For those who didn't catch it in the Bernat employee blog of joining, our head count is at approx. at 339! Wheeee! Printing out the clue, then heading for bed! Have a great week everyone!!

Oh, who am I kidding? I just sat here and did half a square :p. I'm not usually one for charts, but I just discovered how very nice it is to have a 'picture' of sorts to confirm where I'm supposed to be sticking my hook for the next batch of stitches! I love working in rounds, and this might seem very tricky at first to a lot of the beginners, but I am confident that you will get the hang of it in no time!! Exactly where to insert your hook into a stitch can be confusing at times, so I definitely encourage the use of the interwebs for instructional videos on this one. Seeing where to insert the hook is so much better than trying to describe it sometimes! Otherwise, very nice lacey pattern for clue 2. Nice job, bernat :)

I agree. The chart was a huge help. I'm fairly new to crochet and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the granny square right until this pattern. Even then, I started over 3 times before I figured out what I was doing wrong. Now I just have to figure out how to get my stitches sized right for this thing.

And don't forget to make two squares, lol!!!

Am I the 1st comment?? Holy cow! I'm glad we get to work with the purple now... my fav color!

Oooooo....purple granny squares; and the plot thickens ;~) My 1st clue squares look similar except for that ch.3 hole grrr, I think it will work out for the best Excited to get going!

I had the chain 3 hole too...grr was my responce as well! lol!

A Granny Square! What a nice surprise! And this one gets to be done in the fern color for me. It's so exciting to watch this project unfold.


Loving this CAL so very excited to start this clue.

Please tell me what is a CAL?

CAL is Crochet ALong

Crochet A Long

CAL - Crochet-A Long!

CAL means "Crochet A Long"

I'm pretty sure a CAL is a crochet-a-long.

CAL = Crochet A Long

I can honestly say I didn't expect granny squares to be clue 2.