Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along - Clue #10

Clue #10

Well here we are at last! All seamed up and ready to work the edging. Does your afghan look something like this?

The edging is like the icing on the cake and every edging should add that extra special touch. Our edging will start off simply but becomes more lacy (but not difficult) as we progress.


The first round is sc. This is often the basis for an edging because it evens out the rough edges and creates a frame to build upon.

We’ve given you the exact number of stitches to work for the first round but for those of you who had tension issues and had to add or subtract more stitches or rows to get the right size square – here’s a tip. You may need more or fewer stitches than called for but as long as you end up with an odd number of stitches between your corner sc’s on the first round your edging will work out fine. Try to have the same number of stitches on each long side of the afghan and the same number on each short side because that will help your second round to look balanced. Be careful to work fairly evenly across your squares (more or less the same number of stitches for each square) otherwise your edging may start to ruffle (too many sc) or bunch up and pull in (too few sc.) Remember to work 3 sc in each corner stitch. At the end of this round, fasten off and join Contrast C for the 2nd round.

Edging - First Round

The second round consists of dc’s and chains. This is how it will look. Fasten off at the end of this round also.

Edging - Second Round

For the third round we’re going back to Contrast A and working another round of sc. Don’t fasten off at the end of this round though because we’re doing the 4th round with the same color.

The stitch we’re going to use for the fourth round is a variation of the lazy shell. It’s called lazy because it lies on its side instead of standing up straight. It consists of one sc, ch 3, and a dc2tog all worked into the same sc made in the previous round. This is how to make it. Fasten off Contrast A at the end of this round.

Edging - Fourth Round - chain 3

Edging - Fourth Round - dc2tog

Edging - Fourth Round

The fifth and final round uses chains and sc. I’m sure you can all handle this one on your own but here it is anyway.

Edging - Fifth Round

I’ll see you back here next week for the final installment – a photo of the finished afghan and some tips on professional finishing.

Don’t forget about the Contest! We’re awarding one person who completed the afghan with the yarn and pattern to make the Bernat afghan of their choosing. The Project may be made with yarn of your choice. Email or mail a photo of your completed project to Entry must include the entrant’s name, contact information (name, phone number, address, and email), and a complete list of the yarn(s) and shades used. Only completed Projects will be considered. Check out the contest rules for all of the details.

Even if you aren’t entering the contest, we’re excited to see photos of your afghans – submit them to Happy crocheting!

Stay tuned on the blog after the CAL is over - our regular bloggers are taking over with some amazing new projects using Bernat yarns and patterns.



Oh what a pretty border! My afghan doesn't quite look like the picture yet since I have not sewn all the blocks together yet! But I did post a picture of them all laid out in the recommended design. You can see it here... Looking forward to starting that pretty border and entering the contest! MGM

Mary, Peeking though your site I ended up in your shop. There you have a mitered square Baby blanket. Are you kidding me! Did you already know how to do that I never could get one proper done)or did you head to the top of this class and knock that out along with everything else you have going on? ( blog, holidays, CAL quilting, store keeping) Wow, I bow to your awesomeness.

That's an old pattern! Mitered squares have been around for a while, but I was excited to see the technique in this project because it's a great step up for beginners to practice their increases or decreases, depending on where they start their square. Thanks for checking out my site! Come back and visit again sometime! MGM

Hi all. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Um, am I the only one that doesn't like the looks of this afghan? I love the border, but the afghan itself is wayyyyy to busy for me...I LOVED the anticipation of a new clue every week, and making the squares, but altogether, its too busy for me. Im sorry. Hopefully there will be another one, a little less busy.

I agree that it is too busy. My first look resulted in UGH. I love the colors, but not in that pattern. I had enough yarn to do it in a solid color, and I'm very glad I did. I'll use the blocks in other variations, but I'd never make this particular afghan again. The mystery was fun, but a lot of work for an unsatisfactory conclusion. But I'll probably do another one if it comes along!

No, you are not the only one that doesn't like the layout. I loved the weekly clues and not knowing where I was going. I loved learning some neat things, like the mitred square, and ripping out and redoing a few until I got them right. But I really dislike the final product.

I am so sorry you don't like the finished product. Perhaps you can donate it to charity where I am sure someone who will love it - because of the time and love that was put into it to create and make them feel wonderful!!

Great color combination! Looks wonderful!

Beautiful! Your colors look identical to mine except it looks like you used natural and I used linen so yours looks a little crisper than mine. It will be amazing when you get it put together!

Pretty! I have had a lot of fun with this project. I am so glad mine looks like the example. As long as I am happy with my finished afghan that is all that is important.It is not like Laura and the rest of the Bernat company is going to come to my house and have me rip it all out and start all over nor is my family going to refuse to use it because I am not a professional crocheter (hooker). I am just somebody looking for a time out from negativity.

I second that...!!!! Enjoy

I'm sure your afghan will be quite lovely Chrissy.

Well the edging looks very nice. Can't wait for tomorrow to start the border. My afghan will look absolutely beautiful.

I still have 2 mitre squares and 7 flowers. Not to mention blocking. I was doing so well with keeping up! Until this past week or so. But the final project looks nice.

The end ! I'm happy to see that your seming in the corners are a little bit like mine .... I'll have to wait the end of this week to finish, and I'm really excited : it was a nice first CAL for me, and I'll expect the next project .....

I am with you... After seeing their mitered corners, I relaxed a lot! (taking in a sigh of relief) Maybe I don't sux on seaming as bad as I thought. Glad to hear also that I am not the only one who is waiting for the NEXT TO COME...! CAL or KAL. Have a safe Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays! We are not going to try to travel with the lake effects we are told to be expecting from what came through the midwest. :(

Wow...That certainly is a nice border. Sure hope I get the seaming done someday. Have fun crocheters and enjoy your Thanksgiving...

This is the first time I have decided to do a group project. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait til the next one comes out. I want to thank everyone that has replied with helpful hints. I have been crocheting for over 40 years and I still learned some things I didn't know. I would enter the contest, but I have no idea how to take a picture of it and then send it. Maybe that should be my next project....."How to email photos" lol

If you do not have a digital camera -- check with some friends who do -- I'm sure they would be happy to take a photo for you and e-mail it to you, then you could forward to Bernat! After all that work you should send in a picture -- who knows, you may win and then have more work to do on a new afghan!! : ) Happy Thanksgiving to all!

The rules state that you can mail it to them, so it can be taken with a regular camera. Entries can also be mailed to: Spinrite Head Office – c/o Crochet-Along Contest 320 Livingstone Avenue South Listowel, ON CANADA N4W 3H3 Mail in entries also must include entrant’s name, a complete list of yarn(s) and shades used, and contact information (name, phone number, address, and email (if available). Good Luck!

Hi Babs! Missed you last week.

How is the quilt coming along?

Except for the binding, the quilt is finished! Now I can concentrate on the afghan.

Hi Shirley, I'm in the same boat, but I have a fifteen year old daughter who has volunteered to help, since I am so "computer challenged"!

I can loan you my husband for a week, then you will feel computer smart! ;) Kids are one reason why I have taught myself to get around the computer and such. With everything "electronic era" gadgits... well, gotta keep up. (smug look) Well, my break is over. I am kneeling on the floor finishing up my stitching squares together. Got tired of my table throwing my work on the floor. lol If it is going to end up there, may as well work there. ;)

The border looks great - can hardly wait to start on it tomorrow. I had to make a bit of a change with the v-stitch and shell stitch squares as I got the first strip joined together an realized I had made an error in joining. them. Mine is a bit different but still looks great. Will send a pic when I finish it. I'm sure my son and his wife will enjoy this when they receive it at Chritmas time.

I made the same mistake! I put the V stitch squares where the shell stitch squares were to go. So, instead of pulling out hours of seaming I adjusted the other squares. A bit different, but quite nice.

I only have 1 skein of A and C left. Is that the way everyone else is? Will this be enough to put on the border? I have loved doing this project. I am almost done sewing my blocks together. This weekend I will be able to put the border on. I am worried I won't have enough yarn left for the border. What is the deadline to turn your picture and info in to be entered into the drawing?

I think you'll be OK for the border. The contest closes on January 31, 2011.

The neat part of this border is that the afghan is very warm... so cozy up and enjoy the hooking...... LOL

Yes! That is one thing I look forward to as well. I keep telling myself that after I get the blocks together, I will be able to snuggle in and finish the project. I know, some of the ways we can motivate ourselves to get past the dreadful spots in this world of "hook-r-s" crazy world we keep ourselves in. ;)

thank s for the final I love this afgan it s my first cal with you and ravelry and I m very happy

I still have to finish seaming the blocks together and then hopefully can get to the border this weekend. It looks beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to all the US crocheters! This CAL was fun and I hope that Bernat will sponsor another one soon!!!

The border will finish everything off beautifully...just need to finished seaming (so boring). I got distracted this week with gloves, hat, scarf and some pine needle "weaving". BUT, Now I can see how the end result will look I am eager to get back to finishing!!!

I know I said I was going to go back to work, but can't just yet... enjoying hearing everyones comments. What the heck is pine needle "weaving"... something old or new? I have never heard of it before you said something about it. Enjoy the boarder... I really need to get busy so I can get my boarder started. ;)

This looks absolutely great! Can't wait to get mine finished!

Wow, I love it! It will be so pretty, I can't wait to finish it!

Oh what a nice border this is! I still have some seaming to get done, but that will have to wait until the turkey dinner, pies and company are gone. This has been such a fun experience and I am looking forward to seeing everyone's finished project. Happy Turkey Day everyone...GOBBLE, GOBBLE...

Still not caught up as myself and my two little ones have been sick for over a week. At least I know I'll be done before Christmas - that's the main thing or else my grandma will not have a gift!! Best of luck to all with the edging

I got the pattern, to my guess... we did start with a single crochet and my mom said it would be scalloped. ;) I am finally behind on my blocks due to 3 yr old finding my shears and cut the chain section of one of my mitered squares before I could get the four sewn together. I balled for hours after that. I haven't mustered enough to get back on them yet and it has been 3 days since he did this. Now, though... I want to finish this... I have gotten this far. So I guess I better finangle that one section back together somehow so it won't unravel in wash or use. Then get hopping on the rest. I only had 8 blocks left to attach to the whole piece.

The little darling! They sure do have their moments. Glad you're getting back into the spirit though in spite of his best efforts.

I remember my "little darlings" and how upset I would get over their antics. Don't be discouraged you can creatively fix the chain stitch by slipstitching over the damaged edges. Believe me, one day you'll laugh over this incident with your son, his wife and his children!

If you are not already giving this afghan away, you may want to consider putting it away and give it to your sone for his wedding gift - there would be some great story's to tell.

I'm so sorry to hear about your "loss", but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that happens to. I always intend to put my scissors away when I'm done but you know how that goes...someone starts crying, I'll be back in a second and then hours later, I come back to see that some one "helped" me. I've re-done 2 squares so far and I have two more to repair before I can finish seaming. I needed something to do in the car this weekend, so I've been saving them for that. It is hard to get too mad when I know I should have put the scissors up and I know that he just wants to do what I'm doing.

Glad to know I am not the only one with the same little "helpers". Guess I just need to tack my shears to the celing or some unexpected to look for place. I have been in the habit to put them in my latching sewing/hobby chest... guess he watched and learned more than I figured. Now to teach him how to chain, stitch, etc so he can appreciate the hard work later on. Now to get help locking hubby up in the broom closet as he feels this "suzy homemaker" art is for girls only.

Sorry to hear about your young sons helping hands. Just wanted to forewarn you that things like that will continue! I was stripping an antique radio table in our garage. Had it sitting upside down on a table to strip the legs. My darling adult son drop by and decided to borrow the table and set the radio table (still upside down) onto the garage floor. Next time I went to work on it, the top was sitting in a pool of water. Ruined. I have yet to tell my son what he accidently did. I too sat and cried as the table had sentimental value. That was a couple years ago. It still makes me sad but I'd rather have my son then the table anyday. Just one more thing to be thankful for at Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends, and thank you Bernat for providing so much enjoyable entertainment over the past few weeks.

Giggle. You're right I'd rather have my kids than my stuff. Although someimes its a close call....

Oh NO! Sorry about your table. But you are right There is no point in making them feel bad too after the damage is done. Although there are time when I must remind myself "I love my kids, I wanted them and I love them!"

Agreed Rosey. My favourite saying is that I call my children my little treasures because some days I would like to bury them....however I would never be without them! I adore all three - even though sometimes they frustrate me to tears.

Let me tell all of you whose children do things like messing up things you have in progress or even finished. When my son was youg he "helped" me on several ocassions ( maybe 15 in all) for some reason I fixed them all but left something to show he had helped. In June I lost him in a car accident and now when I look a one of the things he "helped" me with and I see the areas where he "helped" I have a happy memory to push the sadness away for a few miutes at a time. Happy and Blessed Holidays to all. Ski