Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along - ASSEMBLY

Clue #9

Here’s a picture of the completed Clue 8 square. This was a fun one wasn’t it?

This is the week you’ve been looking forward to for so long. At last you’ll get to see how all your hard work is going to come together. I know you’re eager to get at it but before we start seaming, let’s block our squares if you haven’t already.

For those of you who don't need any guidance for blocking or seaming, here's the download for the assembly diagram. Make sure you come back next week for the Afghan border pattern.


Someone mentioned on the blog that it isn’t necessary to block acrylic yarn; however blocking certainly does improve the look of your squares and makes them more even in size.

Numerous ways to block have been talked about, including steaming. Be careful when steaming acrylic yarn! If you’re using your steam iron don’t let it touch the squares or you may end up with a gooey mess on the bottom of your iron, not to mention a ruined square.

My preferred method for acrylic yarn is to cold block. Pin out the square to the measurements specified and spray with water or cover with a damp cloth and let it dry. If you’re using a cardboard backing or template, you can always cover it with plastic wrap so it won’t get wet.

Once your squares are blocked and dry, you can begin putting them together.

There are lots of ways to seam squares together – way too many to cover here. So we’re going to show you our way. We call it flat seaming and it’s great for this afghan because everything is done with right sides facing – makes it easy to match stripes, etc. and there are no ugly surprises. Just be sure to match your rows/stitches and take fairly small stitches and you’ll be fine. I used to hate seaming until I learned this method; now, seaming is one of my favorite things to do (at least I don’t hate/dread it anymore) and I’m proud of the finished look – so professional! You may need to use different colors to match different sections but using this method most of the stitches disappear into the work so you don’t have little contrast stitch marks showing through your work between the squares.

Bringing yarn up through the left square

Bringing yarn up through the right square

Seam before tightening

Seaming Side Edges - left

Seaming Side Edges - right

Blocking should have taken care of most of your problems with sizing but if the edges of your squares don’t match up perfectly because you had to add stitches or rows, you may need to skip a stitch on one square or work several times through the same stitch to make them match.

Skipping a stitch on the right-hand square

Working twice through the same stitch

Have a wonderful time assembling your new afghan. Next week I’ll be back to show you how to work the edging.

Happy crocheting!



Wow, This nothing like I imagined! This is going to be beautiful!

I agree. I was very skeptical of the lavender and topaz but as I worked up the varioius patterns I was surprised by the beauty of the combination. I'm so glad that I stayed with the designated colors!

me too !!!!!!!!!!!!Love the combinations

I am almost finished - still have 12 mitered blocks to do - but have all the other squares done! Is there a way to enlarge the phots of the seaming instructions? All I can see on this blog are 1/2 inch square photos which is too small to see the detail of what you are doing! I tried clicking on the photo - but that did nothing. If you can email the photos & instructions perhaps that would help. Thanks - I am looking forward to finishing this afghan and sending in a photo - It has been fun and exciting to see what the next block would be. Thanks for doing this mystery crochet-along!

Jo, If you copy the photo to a Word or PowerPoint document you can enlarge it.

On the blog page just hold down the control key and press the + (plus) key until the picture gets to the size you want. hold down control and press the - (minus) key until back to normal.

IF you mean the photos portion of the directions, use your computers magnifier feature -found in your start menu. Hope that helps

click on control and the plus key and it will enlarge with every click

I agree as well...this is going to be a beautiful afghan and can't wait to finish it. This one is for me!!!!

Thanks for all the detailed photos of seaming! I am out of town with my hubby for our anniversary this week. As soon as we get back home, I'll get to work on seaming my baby blanket together. Can't wait to see it put together! :)

I agree, the details really helped me, too. Overall this has been a very fun and enjoyable experience. Can't wait for the next CAL or KAL !

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Thank you! We are enjoying a trip to Gatlinburg. Last night, I worked on some knitting projects while sitting on the balcony outside our room. There are Christmas lights all over town. So pretty!

Happy Anniversary! How many years? I've only been to the USA a few times, but I have actually been to Gatlinburg and it was fab fun. Enjoy xx

Thanks Rosey! This is our 9th anniversary, and we decided to make it special. The last time we went on a trip was for our honeymoon! Ha! Gatlinburg treated us right. :)

Shandeh Happy Anniversary, I wish you many more happy years.

Thank you Kelly! :) We met on Yahoo Personals 11 years ago, and have been together since! Our wedding was in 2001.

My niece met her new husband on Yahoo personals - they have been married 1 month :-)

Congratulations to your niece! :)

My husband and I met on Yahoo Personals as well! We were married 3 years in September. Congrats on 9 wonderful years!

Happy Anniversay!! Have fun and enjoy yourself...

Thank you, Linda! :) We had a wonderful time in Gatlinburg. Now, we are home, relaxing. Tonight, we got BBQ for dinner, then went to Barnes & Noble to look at magazines and drink hot cocoa. Of course, I looked through a stack of about 15 knitting and crochet magazines! After some consideration, I bought "Crochet World", "Piecework", and "Spin-Off". Happy Anniversary to me! :)

Good girl !

Oh my, my curiosity paid of. I was very happy to see next clue very early. I will be in bed much early this week lol :)

Wow! Very early this week. Yeah!

Laura, what is the best way to start and end this stitch so it doesn't unravel? Do you make some kind of knot and then weave in the end afterward. I haven't stitched squares together before and worry that they may start to separate at the beginning/end of rows?? OR will the edging keep the ends tight?

The best way to start your seam if you're not using a tail is to come up through the first stitch on each square (alternating the right and left squares) several times, just as it shows for seaming and then darn the end in later. (We have a tutorial coming up about darning in ends in a few weeks.) This will anchor the end firmly and your beginning stitches won't pull out or separate.

I think your darning in the ideas would be much handier at this point. As I, darn as I go.

I didn't want to overwhelm people with too much info/too many photos at one time - it might get confusing or very daunting.

Wow! Not what I expected, but can't wait to see it assembled! I still have rows 7, 8, and 9 to do of clue 8 for my second afghan, but I can't wait to get started putting sections together on the chunky afghan as all clues for it are done.. Thanks Bernat and Laura. You put the squares together the way I have for years, unless I wanted the afghan to have a raised effect, then I usually use reverse single crochet in the front loops. Have fun everybody!.

Awesome!!! Now, I really need to get going. I'm still on Clue #4 :( I'm excited to get this done and see what it will look like. :)

Wow... all that sewing... daunting.

I agree this is always the part I hate.

It's the blocking I hate! Sore fingers or what??? I tried just sticking the pins in as shown (standing up) but this just doesn't seem to keep to the measure. I'll get some macramé pins as shown, but suspect the same problem.

Well the wait is over!! How pretty this is and I am anxious to begin assembling. Good luck everyone...

Clue 8 was a little bit longer to do than the others, so I have 4 flowers to crochet before this last one : I was pretty near the solution : only 1 variation for the first clues .... I know what I'll do this week-end : sewing, and maiting for edging ....

Hi likeubridge, It may be a little late to suggest this, (should have last week) - but my flowers went much quicker when I made all the center pieces first, then went back with the petal color and crocheted that on and in no time I had all 8 flowers done. Then I went back and finished the rest of the square. I had never made the flowers before this and when I did them in repitition, it was good practice.

thats what I did and seemed to go quickly!

WOW! I can't wait to put this together! The final reveal is so unexpected, I love it! After crocheting for 30+ years, I learned to knit three weeks ago. Now I think I am going to try the KAL afghan that was posted last Friday! Thanks Laura, and Bernat, for putting on such an AWESOME CAL!

I am doing the very same thing too! :) I just finished the KAL clue 1. Feel free to email me and we can do this together if you like. Well, back to sewing up blocks!

Shoot I missed the KAL last week...where can I find it ? Didn't realize one was starting. Guess I better stop crocheting and do more reading !

There's a new Knit Along?! My mom would love that - where do I find it?

The KAL is the previous one - you can find it on th blog under Free Friday patterns.

It isn't a new KAL. They are doing the old one that ran before this CAL. You can find it on Bernat's blog or site (Mystery KAL).

Hmm...I wondered what we would do with clues 1 & 2. This is going to be a long week with all those squares to seam! Good luck everyone. :)

Does the order matter? Do you do each row first on the sides and then stitch the rows together?

You may find it easiest to put together a row of squares, and then combine each of those rows together.

I've got mine labeled column 1 - 6 and rows 1-8. What I am doing is working column 1: row 1-4, column 2 row 1-4 then putting them two columns together. I find this is easy and quick to where I am not freaking about all these seams. Then after that I would be doing the same to the bottom half of columns 1 & 2. Kinda like quilting I guess.... least I broke it down into managable chunks/groups that are easy for me to work together. Best of luck stitching!

When I assemble an afghan with squares, I usually put 4 sqaures together to make a big square, then put together 4 more and then sew those toegther. That way you don't have to match seams that are 8 blocks long. i find that you don't have as much trouble with your work stretching as you are assembling with this method,

Sounds good for this project to, since we have the four mitered squares in the corners and the big square in the middle. That is how I decided to do it - put four squares together into a bigger square, put row three and row 6 together as a row, then sew the rows together. Still warm in here in Central Calif, bt getting cold this weekend when I hope to be putting all the larger squares together - keep the legs warm.