Mystery Afghan Check-In: Week 1

Week 1 of the Mystery Afghan Knit-Along (KAL) and Crochet-Along (CAL) is almost up, and what a ride! Hundreds of knitters and crocheters have been logging into the Bernat Forums, checking out the clues, looking for advice, and sharing photos of their progress.

New to the event? Check out the first KAL clue or the first CAL clue.

Members have been using the afghans as fantastic ways to interact with other knitters and crocheters. liveforcrochet has been using the CAL as a great way to spend some quality time with her mother. They’re both doing the crocheted afghan, so they’ve been helping each other along the way while they crochet!

Don’t worry if you’re new to knit or crochet, because Forum member zhanie has been using the CAL and KAL to help teach new crafters how to knit and crochet.  She thinks the first week’s clues are perfect for beginners because they both begin with clues easy for new knitters and crocheters to understand.

CAL Tip – Remembering Your Shades

It is very important to use your five different shades consistently through your project to achieve the desired effect - once you start using a shade as Contrast B (for example), use it every time the pattern calls for Contrast B. If you’ve lost track, check out our Color Tutorial to find your bearings then write down which shades are which contrasts and keep it in a safe place!

  • karenarp created vinyl stickers to label each ball-band. This way, she will always know that Stone Brown is her Main Color. While not everybody will have a  Cricut at her disposal, it is just as easy for you to write “MC” through “D” in permanent marker on the ball-bands.

KAL Tip – Increases and Decreases

Knowing when to increase and decrease can be tricky for Clue 1 (and for future weeks), but members have had a couple of great suggestions on how to keep track!

  • We originally suggested putting a stitch marker or some scrap yarn on the right side of your work – when you see it, you’ll know it’s an increase or decrease row.
  • jr15 put an elastic band on the needle they use for increasing and decreasing. When you knit a two-sided garment, one needle will always be the working needle for the right side, and another for the wrong side. When jr15 sees they’re using the needle with the elastic band, it’s time to increase or decrease!
  • knitcrazzee used two different-colored needles, designating one for increase or decrease rows and the other for rows of plain knitting. This system works like jr15’s, but if you’d prefer a more obvious indication of what to do, this may work for you!

Stay tuned for Clue 2, which will be released on the Bernat Forums tomorrow!


Bonjour, j aimerais bien participé au Mystery crochet 2012 comme l'année passe. Cordialement CLaire

I like crochet. Guess, missed the fun of mystery afghan. Hoping to see a new blog post soon.

We just had our 2012 Bernat Mystery Blanket KAL/CAL in the brand new Bernat Forum. You can find it here: