My Star is Starting to SHINE!

I am beginning to see the end of this glorious project - such a beautiful star afghan!  It will be difficult sending it off with my step-son, but I know he will appreciate it.  He'll probably use it on his lap when he's playing computer games, or snuggle under it when watching television.  I'm so glad I'm using long-wearing Bernat Super Value yarn for the project.  It should last for YEARS!

I placed the afghan on 6 long circular needles, to show how big it has become.  Wow!!

Looks about the size of a lapghan, doesn't it?  And I've used up half of my yarn.

Right now, there are about 30 rows left to knit, but they are VERY LONG rows.  Remember the chart I made?  The one that shows how many stitches I should have on every row?  Well, my last row will have almost 1,000 stitches.  Right now, with 30 rows left, I have over 750 stitches on the needles.

I was curious about how many TOTAL stitches I would be knitting when I finished the afghan, so I pulled out my BIG pink calculator to figure it out.   Love that thing!  It's easy to find when I'm busy with a knitting project. Ha!

The numbers speak for themselves.  I will have knit 62,500 stitches when it's complete.  HOLY MOLEY!!!

- Shandeh


That's is gorgeous!! I need some help, I am knitting a poncho made with solo yarn which of course is discontinued. On the ball band there is the pattern for the poncho, I've misplaced the ball band, and it was the only one out of all the skeins I have that had the pattern HELP please kristy

Hi Kristy - I've passed your request on to our customer service folks. They should get back to you shortly.

I just wanted to say that watching your progress on this awesome project,after I finish my mystery clue afghan, I am going to attempt this one. It is really neat. I am somewhat scared but hey... dive in with both feet. :)

Go for it! If I can do it, you can do it. (thumbs up) It's a long, fun knit. And the afghan is beautiful!

Nice knitting! In looking at the picture, I see a blue chair and a wall of plastic yarn bins. Is this where you knit? OMG, just add a television showing NCIS and you have created a YARN CAVE! (...which is like a man cave, only better)

Yes! This is a corner of my craft room, and there IS a television in there! I do so much knitting and sewing and embroidery, that I MUST have a room set aside just for crafts. It's so nice to have a craft room/yarn cave! :)

I was showing a friend of mine the picture of the afghan and the big pink calculator and he was AMAZED at the total number of stitches in this project. I was too at first but if you think about many stitches are in a "standard" afghan? I was even more amazed that you stopped and added all that up...LOL. I am math phobic and would have never been able to bring myself do that. My hats off to rock! I hope that when I start my afghan I can hit you up for advice. :)

Thanks for the encouragement! I always analyze everything to death - just ask my hubby. (tee-hee) I'll be glad to help with your afghan. It's a really fun, interesting project.

Help! I am trying to find a bernat pattern that my mother used about 20 years ago to knit a hooded bunting bag for my son. It is one piece with a hood and zipper down the center. If anyone has a copy I would be willing to pay for it. Thank You

Hi Jackie - I've forwarded this request on to our customer service folks. They'll do everything they can to help you find the pattern you're looking for.

Jackie, the people at Bernat where quite helpful with finding a pattern for me. I am positive they will be able to find it'