My Precious!

Since I work from home, the UPS truck is a frequent visitor to our house. And since I absolutely detest shopping and do nearly everything I can online, that only adds to his frequent visits. Honestly, he's part of the family. But still there is a sort of giddy excitement that fills me when the truck pulls up of late. Could it be . . .

The rumble of the truck and the lurch of the brakes is a dead giveaway he's stopping at our house. Then you hear the refrain through the house, "The UPS guy is here!" You open the door and there it is, a package just waiting. And in an instant I know two things--it isn't work and it's from Patons.

I have to resist the urge to snatch it up off the mat, clutch it to my breast and say, "Oh, my precious. My precious." It scares the kids when I do that. However, once the box is in hand, I make a rush to the kitchen. Then my office. And finally the art box looking for a pair of scissors with which to open the box. We own three pair of scissors. Do you think I can find a pair when the box is from Patons? But once I have them in hand, the box is opened (remembering to go carefully, because I also have a reputation for visits to the emergency room for stitches) and I discover my next two projects tucked inside.

Two skeins of Patons Classic Wool in the new color of Royal Blue for a pair of Moccasins for Him from Family Felting. Yes, like I said in my last post, Father's Day is coming and I am reminding all of you (and myself) early to get knitting now. In my new box of Precious excitement, I got out everything I needed to knit the moccasins, and put them together, so they would all be in one place when I got ready to cast on.

And yes, I am still knitting my Lacy Top, but with Father's Day just around the corner I wanted to get a jump on it and knit something fun for Dad. And while I promised myself that I would finish the Lacy Top before I started anything new, I couldn't resist casting on just a little. I think that is like the phrase, "a little bit pregnant." Then I had to knit a few rows, because I was planning on using a pair of my grandmother's old needles and I'd never knit with them before. Then, before I knew what I was doing, I sat down and knit one of the bottoms in an evening.

You know, in my defense and before you judge me, I believe that it is important to try these new projects out before you get serious. Just to make sure you want to knit them. Just saying.

Okay, who am I kidding? I love casting on.

Now if you take another gander at the open box, you might notice the skein of Patons Kroy Socks in the new colorway, Sailor Stripes for a pair of socks from Next Steps Four - Socks and Slippers. Totally cute, huh? That is my next project that I can't cast on until I finish my Lacy Top. Honestly. And I'll tell you why this time I might even stick to that pledge. As you will notice, there is only one skein. There is supposed to be two. The second skein has gone missing. Now I have to wait for the replacement skein to arrive.

As for where and how that second skein went missing, I completely suspect the UPS guy. I mean, it is a really pretty colorway. But if this is the case, and he's pilfering my precious Patons, then he is out of the family. I mean it. My precious.

So, if you got a box from Patons, what yarn and project would you want to find inside? I won't even ask you how long it would take you to start casting on. 'Cause I don't judge that way.



I had a similar feeling when my latest Paton's Package arrived!

Yeah, kinda came to that conclusion as well. Sort of broke down and knit it. Over the weekend. Sort of couldn't help myself.

Gads, I messed that up! That's the reply KnittinJen's remark below. Yeah, yeah, I might need help in posting comments but not when it comes to a lone skein of yarn just begging to be knit. :)

You only need ONE skein of sock yarn to cast on the first sock...don't think of me as an enabler or pusher - I'm not, really, I'm not :-) Muwaaah