Moving Along

Project – Tiled Blocks Blanket (knit)
Bernat Free Pattern (download here)
Yarn – Bernat Baby Stretch in  Purple Ping Pong, Stretchy Snow, Jungle Jump, Blue Boing
Blogger – JenWKnits

Oh – how I hoped to be showing you a finished blanket this week but for a variety of reasons, I can’t just yet.  First, each square is taking me considerably longer to finish than I expected for such a simple pattern.  Ok – let’s be honest – I seriously misjudged the amount of time it takes to knit 24 squares.  Second, my knitting time has slowed a little as school vacation, spring activities, sick children and other obligations have gotten between me and my needles.

As we wait for the finished project (no word from my imaginary finishing fairy just yet…), I wanted to comment on Bernat Baby Stretch.  It is different from yarns that I am used to knitting with – specifically, it is stretchier.  I was ambivalent when I started working with it but it has really grown on me, especially when I remember that the blanket I’m making is for a baby.  The yarn seems very durable – like it could go through the washer and dryer multiple times without being compromised and I think it does a beautiful job of hiding my knitting imperfections.  I screwed up the decreases on this square but I decided it blends in well enough that I should just keep moving along with this blanket.

What do you think – would you have ripped it out and redone it or is it good enough?



I say leave it because probably no one but you will notice it. But...If it is going to nag at you ( and only you can answer that) you will probably not rest until you redo it!

Thanks Tillie. You are right. On many knitted projects, this would nag at my but I think I'm ok with this (and eager to finish this project and move on to the next!!) so I'm going to let it stay :)

I say leave it. The yarn hides the little imperfection.

Thanks Bette, I think so too! This yarn was good at that :)