Movie Monday: Tangled

This week's Movie Monday comes courtesy of one of my daughter's favorite flicks: Disney's Tangled. I love how the knit garment was used as wardrobe for one of the burly brutes (don't let the "jazz hands" and mime make-up fool you) in the perilous bar scene. Is it me, or is his cap-sleeved top actually kind of cute? Picture it tailored for a woman's shape. I'd totally wear it!


Recommended Stitching:

Topside Cardi - knit in Sheep(ish) by Vickie Howell

Deep V Top - crocheted in Bernat Bamboo

Leaf Top - knit in Bernat Bamboo

Happy viewing; happy stitching!



Love all the great ideas. Miss the KAL/CAL mystery afghan. Just don't think the temperature scarf is very interesting. Sorry.