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Buoyed by the success of my skull hat, I thought I'd try a girlie version.  Since my last hat was a wee bit snug, I'm gonna go up in needle size to 6mm just to make sure the sizing is more accurate (no one ever said this knitting thing was perfect).

So what makes an item girlie: the colour?  Perhaps a girlie motif?  For colour, anything pink should work.  Cranberry will work well for the body of the hat, while quince (fancy name for pink) will be a nice contrast.

As for the motif, I'm still using a skull but I'm gonna borrow from another pattern.  Have you seen the tuff girl poncho (also found in Bernat's Roving e-book). It's a skull with a bow.  Bows are girlie!  So I'm swapping out the original motif with a girlie skull wearing a bow.  It'll be so cute!

DinaPurls :)


Well, THERE's something you don't see every day. A skull with a bow! Neat! :)

It'll be different for sure. My niece's parents will certainly love it. :)

where to I find the pattern for the tuff girl poncho?