More than halfway there

Project - Cable Car Coat
Patons Pattern Book #500872 Next Steps Six - Learn to Cable
Yarn - Patons Shetland Chunky in 03210 Rich Teal
Blogger - K1Paula2

Working on a big project can be daunting. Will I ever finish? Then, one day (or evening, in my case) as you knit your way to the end of a skein and reach for the next, you realize you've already used more than half the yarn. Joy!

About 10 inches into the right front panel of the Cable Car Coat, I grabbed a new skein and found there were just seven left (not including part of a skein from my first go-round on the left front panel, which I'll unravel and use for sewing the pieces together when that happy day comes). The biggest hurdles have been cleared. After the right front panel is done, it's just the collar, cuffs, edging and assembly. And button covers if I so choose.

So forgive me if I hope it stays cool a little while longer. I'd love to wear this a few times before it gets too warm out for a big snuggly sweater coat!

- K1Paula2



Looks amazing!! Way to go I am impressed!

This is going to be one beautiful coat. I can hardly wait to see it finished. The color on my computer is a lovely blue and any shade of blue works for me. Great job, Paula.

WOW!!! It is really coming together! The color looks different in this photo...more depth.

Thanks, everyone! Sometimes when you're working on something so long, you loose perspective and wonder if it really looks as good as you hope it does. lose perspective. Although I suppose knitters can loose perspective, too. Sorry for the Monday morning typo!