More Bernat staff and bloggers get hooked on Clue 1 of the Crochet-Along!

The Bernat Mystery Afghan Crochet-Along is a hit across the web, but it has also grabbed the attention of many members of the Bernat Design Studio. We’ll check in weekly and let you know our progress as we Crochet-Along.

Kristin – Bernat Blogger

Always the rebel, I decided to use a different yarn than the pattern called for.  If you want to change things up a bit, feel free!  As long as you watch for gauge you  should be able to mix things up without any problems.  Because Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends is the same weight and crochets up to be the same gauge as Bernat Softee Chunky, I decided that I would give it a try! I chose the colors Tomato, Plum, Fern, Peony and Lavender.  How appropriate that they remind me of an English garden when they’re all together.

I can only imagine how this is going to look when it is crocheted into the Mystery Afghan.  I am planning on crocheting this for a Christmas present for my youngest daughter, but I’m not entirely sure that she will get to keep it.  I am deeply in love and have not even begun to crochet it together!  This yarn is simply luscious!

I have really been enjoying working on the blocks for mystery clue #1.  They were quick and easy to do, and when all was said and done, the blocks wound up with a beautiful finished texture.  I am excited to see what the next clues have in store, and how the different motifs will coordinate with one another.  It is like opening a big present one bit at a time. I can't wait to see it all put together in the finished project.

Jen – Web Team

I'm so excited for this project! I have made a couple of small changes to my project - i'm using the same shade for A and E - which means the afghan will be mostly one color (Linen), and I'm using bright pops of color for my accents. Clue 1 was a big challenge for me. I'm a beginner who can only do granny squares. My first attempt at my sc/dc square was not a square _at all_. After sitting down with some tutorials and the help of a few friends, I realized that I was missing the dc at the end of each row, AND, i was missing a dc at the beginning of each row. for now, I have learned to count my stitches after every row, though i'm getting the hang of this.

Here are my first squares!


I am having an absolute blast working on this afghan. So far, the squares have crocheted up very quickly, and I'm able to crochet during class. I decided to go a little crazy and do three afghans at once - one for me, one for my dearest aunt and one for my (hopefully) future mother-in-law. This means three different colorways, which could prove interesting. My afghan will be a bit more contemporary, using Natural, Cameo, Rouge, Fern and Dark Mauve. For my aunt - soft colors: Linen, Pale Antique Rose, Soft Taupe, Dark Mauve and Forest. For my future mom-in-law, very Wisconsin "Northwoods" colors: Soft Taupe, Redwood, Fern, Teal and Dark Taupe. The timing of the Mystery Crochet-Along couldn't be better. I should have plenty of time to finish before Christmas!

Don't feel bad Jen - I have to do that too. I started crocheting 3 years ago, and after many frustrations with keeping my rows even, I switched to exclusively doing patterns that were worked in rounds. This is the first project where I'm back to traditional rows. I'm being sure to be extra careful not to skip or add stitches at the ends of rows. Fingers crossed!

I keep my rows on track by double checking my count every couple of rows. That way I only have to rip up a couple rows instead of the whole thing to fix it.

i have been crocheting for many years and I still count my stitches every couple of rows. It's easy to miss one when watching TV or chatting with friends.

I don't know how everyone is doing so well with getting their squares all even! This is the most frustrating pattern I have ever done. In fact, I don't think I will finish it. I just may use the yarn for something less frustrating! If anyone has any ideas for a different pattern using the yarn in this afghan please let me know. Thanks all, and have a Merry Christmas!

So sorry you are having trouble. Maybe I can help you. What part are you working on?

YOU can join us at Ravelry and get help there also. Lots of patterns and lots of help.

I finally got to the clue, but can only get to it from the page. The link on the right does not work.

can you tell me how you got a pic. for your avie?

How come your picture for what Clue #2 should look like only has 5 rows, the directions show 6 rnds?

This probably won't even show up!!!! I have been posting, and it never shows up. What am I doing wrong? If this happens to go through give me some advice on how I can join in on the fun. So far my squares have been the right size until now, so I think I will rip it out and add 3 more stitches to get to 8 in. on the vee's.

i have that issue too...none of my squares are the same size. i have been crafting for years..since i was 18 and i'm getting frustrated lol. i also am doing 2 at same time....hopefully something will work right this time as i don't like taking things out and redoing them but apparantly i need to

Help!!!!! - I do the right amount of stitches but they do not measure to 8 inches. What can I do? Do I have to use Bernat yarn - I am using yarn that I already have.

Lisa, If you use a different yarn and the thickness is not the same then you can hold 2 strands at once, using a bigger hook. Or you can make smaller squares (7"). I am making 1 of their yarn and 1 of my own stash which is 4 ply and 3 ply. I have to hold 2 strands with some. Most important is to make all your squares the same size. Hopes this helps you. GL 8)

I have a "technique" question. When I come to the end of the row on this square, it says to chain 3 to equal 1 double crochet. When I follow the instructions, I get a "hole" on that side when the next row is crocheted. So, I only chain 2 to lesson the size of this "hole". I still get more of a gap then I really like, can anyone give me some suggestions on how to make the end of these rows a bit "neater"? Thanks!

I feel your pain here Christine. I'm interested in anyone's thoughts on this as I've gotten this hole issue too. I found the only way to close the gap a little is to make the last sc / 3 chains tighter on the end, turn and do the double crochet row at my normal gauge. it's bit more closed up but it's still a definite hole. It's not much of a fix. I'm assuming that when I put the blanket together it will not be as noticeable...

That happend to me also and a friend showed me what to do. Dbl chochet right next to the chain 3 in that space. The space is touching the chain 3 if that helps u any. I know i am a visual person.

I, too, found the "hole". After trying several things I gave up and just continued. Amazed myself by ending with an exact 8" square! I am a left-hand crocheter (clockwise) and my friend (right-handed, counter clockwise) decided to share and each do half the clue. I think it may add texture to the blanket.

I too have this same issue with the "hole" with the chain 3 and have tried all the same solutions described above. I was so frustrated thinking I must be doing something incorrectly after seeing the photos others had posted of their completed squares. Are we all making the same innocent mistakes? I am a perfectionist and have had this same problem with the same pattern that was used for a scarf and it drove me nuts! Please someone tell us what is the solution?

Please help me find the instructions for Clue #1. I have been ALL over this blog looking for them. I am a late starter, here. Thanks.

I was wondering the same thing. I have tired and tried to find the square #1 instructions without success and thought it was just me, How many of these squares do I need and is the this instruction accurate - ch 23 and sc in second stitch and across then next row is dbl crochet all across, repeating these two rows until you get 8 inches or what number of rows?

8" for all the squares

Hope you found clue 1 by now but if not go to the September 2010 archives it is there

Here is Clue #1:

Hi I am trying to find clue 1 and so far I can not find it ..I can find all the rest but not 1. Please can you help me and tell me where to find clue 1

Up at the top of the page under september 2010, scroll down and you will see it...

Hi I am trying to find clue 1 and so far I can not find it ..I can find all the rest but not 1. Please can you help me

Here I thought I might be behind, I see others are in the same spot as me. Having lots of fun with this afghan, first time ever doing a CAL along with the squares. I am doing a Harley theme colored afghan for my grandson's room at our house. Instead of the flowers in this square I found a wheel (it's actually a wagon wheel) to use. Some of my squares are larger and some smaller. Have some tweeking to do on them and a few of the mitered squares along with this square to finish, then on to the finished product, can't hardly wait to see it all put together!!!!