Monkey Time

Project – Knit Striped Funky Monkey
Patons Pattern Book #500875 – Monkey Business
Yarn – Patons Classic Wool in Water Chestnut, Aran, That's Blue, Leaf Green, and Currant
Blogger – YoElizbo

When I have to sew things together and do the finishing work, I save those sort of tasks for Saturday afternoon. The light is great, I'm not tired or stressed. I can take the time to get everything I need together in one place, lay it out in front of me and finish something.

The rest of my days are grabbing a bit of time here and there to knit, dashing kids all around, and basically not getting anything truly finished. But Saturday afternoons (at least some of them) are mine to get things done.

And so it was the other Saturday when I decided to sew up the monkeys. I had my Funky Monkey pieces all pinned together on a big stitch holder, blunt sewing needle, yarn and a good cup of coffee at the ready. A big stitch holder is great for keeping all the unstuffed pieces from scattering. As I knit each one, I just added it to the line up of body parts and when I went to sew the monkeys together I had all my pieces safely stowed on that stitch holder and at the ready.

Sewing them up is quite easy, just catch the edge and sew down the body part.  I used the rows on the body as "guidelines" to make sure the pieces went on level and straight. One tip: I would avoid overstuffing these guys. I think a lot of their charm is their sort of loose limbed, floppy quality that allows them to sit on a shelf or fit under the arm of a sleeping friend.

Here is Stubby the pink monkey with "See, Speak and Hear No Evil" Monkey." At this point my husband put on the song, "The Monkey Time" by The Tubes, and decided to see if Stubby had any good monkey moves in her. Even after twenty years together, he totally cracks me up. But these monkeys do bring out the child in everyone.

Finally I got both monkeys done, took a closeup of the two of them together, and stowed Stubby safely away for my niece, while the blue monkey was grabbed up and made a part of the household collection of stuffies.

I can't recommend this project enough--especially if you are looking for a fun Easter knit, or a quick gift for a monkey loving kid, or as it turns out, an adult.



stinkin' cute!

Don't they just melt your heart! And too much fun to knit.

Your's are exceptional heart-melting because of the great colors you selected. I did my three with the classic sock monkey colors. While they are cute--your's are UBER cute!