Mitered Blocks

Project – Mitered Blocks Blanket
Patons Pattern Book #500878 – Beehive Bundles
Yarn – Patons Beehive Baby Chunky
Blogger – Andrea K2Tog

Have you seen Patons' new pattern book, Beehive Bundles?  It's absolutely darling!  I was dying to make the Starburst Blanket, but seeing as how I've never crocheted before, choosing an intermediate pattern is probably not a recipe for success.

I have instead chosen the knitted Mitered Blocks Blanket.  This design looks complicated, but is in fact easy.  Just garter stitch and a couple simple decreases in each square.  I am nowhere near the seaming phase so I can't speak to that, but it shouldn't be too hard (fingers crossed).  Also, because of the blanket's construction it's a really portable project, since you can bring just one or two squares with you at a time.

The best part of this project is getting to work with the Beehive Baby Chunky yarn.  It's so dreamy and soft, and works up quickly on size 9 needles (bonus!).  3 blocks down, 33 to go - I better get knitting!



I'm jealous!

You are ambitious! That looks like fun. Blocks can be so addictive.

I was tempted to try that pattern, too. I'll be curious to follow your progress.