Miter-y Good!

Project –  Mitered Blanket
Bernat Pattern Book #530199 Baby Gifts
Yarn – Bernat Baby Cakes
Blogger – Teresaknits

The mitered square blanket is finished! Seaming it wasn't nearly as much of a pain as I had anticipated; in fact, I almost looked forward to it. You see, we were scheduled to go on a long family car ride. The other members of my family tend to run warm; thus sitting in the car on a sunny day means cranking the air conditioner. While everyone else is comfy cool, I'm freezing! But, with the mitered squares blanket on my lap, I was able to keep warm and busy – a win-win!

I thought about putting a border around it but changed my mind; while this blanket is for my toddler son, I wanted to keep my options open about making it larger as he gets older, and with the edges unfinished I could easily add more squares.

My next project from the Baby Gifts book will be decidedly smaller – check back to see what it will be.



That looks so cheery - I love the colours, especially the sparkly that the white provides. Judy


Brilliant idea to leave the edges so you can make it larger in the future.

I agree! Very clever thinking!

This is a beautiful blanket!! You out did yourself! I'm thinking I'll try the same but in pink!! But, I'm new to crocheting and this website. Is there somewhere I can go for more directions?? I have gone through rows 1 - 3 and I have a strip of weaved yarn! It says to repeat 15 more times and 3 sc?? I don't think that I'm going to get a square! Can you please help! PS: My granddaughter has allergies so wwith all projects I'm using (Bernat) cotton yarn!

What clue # are you doing? It is fine to use cotton yarn. Someone else did and it turned out really beautiful. If you are having trouble with the stitch, you can go to google and type in the name and you will find many instructions on how to do them. There are many ideas in the blog of what people did or how they changed things up a bit. Good luck and have fun crocheting....

Where is the result on the winner of the drawing ? Have been anxiously waiting all day.

Almost there Cheri. I will send it out in tomorrow's newsletter.

Is there an update on the CAL project? Winner, etc. I'd love to see some photos of the finished project. Really looking forward to it. Babs

Barb, the information for the next CAL is being sent via email today. You can also find information about it at I have also posted the winner from our last CAL on the homepage of Cheers.