There's something you should know about me. I'm a very methodical person. I enjoy calendars, spreadsheets, lists, charts and graphs. This trait sometimes hinders more than helps me. For example, I waste about 5 minutes of knitting time each day calculating how long each pattern repeat of my Feather and Fan socks is and how many days it will take me to get to the heel if I knit 2 repeats per night. Then calculate how many days if I knit 4 repeats a night. But I probably won't have time every day for 4, what about if I did 3 repeats per night?


Here is the first sock. Let's take a look at my formula, shall we? The sock is 5" long with a total of 8 repeats, so 5"/8=0.625", the length of each repeat. I need a total of 9" before I can start the heel, so 9"/0.625"=14.4 pattern repeats, but let's round up to 15. If I do 3 repeats per night I can start the heel in 2.3 days (15-8/3=2.3). Then I estimate the rest of the sock will take approximately 2.5 days.

Please tell me I'm not the only one whose brain works this way! And I do this with every single project. Perhaps there is an online support group I can join? But maybe I don't want to quit - maybe half the fun for me is in the calculations, so I should just continue with them. And also the spreadsheets....but that's a whole other post.

Anyway, back to the socks. I'm really enjoying this pattern, especially now that I have it memorized - gotta love pattern repeats that are easy to remember. The self-striping yarn is great, too. Not having to remember to switch colors sure frees up a lot of space in my brain for schedules and calculations...



i'm not a sock knitter, but this one looks nice and squishy and comfy. love the way the yarn is working with the pattern.

I don't think that way, but sometimes wish I did! You know, like when I delude myself into thinking; "I can totally knit 12 sweaters before x-mas!"

Haley, they ARE very squishy! This pattern would be pretty in a solid, too. Some of the detailing is obscured by the striping. Julia, my weird brain does not mean I don't overschedule myself. It sometimes makes me overconfident, i.e., "Oh, if I just knit for 5 hours a night I can finish this in a week - easy!" I don't think I have to tell you how often THAT way of thinking works out :)

I LOVE these colors! Your photo does this yarn up right!

So, are you an accountant for a living? (tee-hee) The socks look great so far.

Haha. This made me laugh. I do math constantly while knitting. It would make my father proud if he knew. I'm not quite as obsessed as you, but I do set goals for how much of a project I need to finish in a night.